About the role

As a Technical Support Analyst/NOC engineer, you will be responsible for providing First Line support to our large customer base across our large product portfolio. You will be the First Line engineer in support of Networks, Voice, Data Centre operations, and will be responding to tickets placed via a variety of media to ensure incoming incidents are logged with the MDS in the relevant incident-logging software. You will ensure that all cases owned are resolved in accordance to the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA), delivering outstanding customer service by answering all calls promptly as well as remaining courteous and professional at all times.

As part of your role, you will be required to work a 24/7 rota basis. During out-of-hours timeframes you may be asked to log, triage and report across a more varied product set, acting as a generalist Technical Support Engineer across the GCI product portfolio.

Scope indicators

Performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Operational Level Agreements (OLAs), Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Service Level Targets (SLTs).


Key Responsibilities

Respond to tickets via a variety of media against thresholds in line with the contracted service levels. Ensure tickets are updated with customer-facing communications in a timely manner throughout the lifecycle of the ticket. Provide problem diagnosis, using appropriate support tools and resolution for desktop problems. Ensure that the appropriate resolution notes are added and, where applicable, further direction is added to the ticket to minimise repeat instances.

Third-party management
Track and monitor tickets with third parties, ensuring appropriate response is received and, where not, the escalation path is followed.

Operational commitment
Contribute to overall achievements of required service level by maintaining agreed personal targets. Assist in ensuring SLAs and KPIs are met.

Demonstrate influence, a passion for change and the vision to identify the things that truly merit attention. Enthuse, excite and enlist the aid of others to accomplish them. Effectively manage priorities of your team, which may require refocus as the demands of the business change.

Process management
Compliance with (and continuous improvement of) the current products, processes and work procedures within their functional areas. Provide support and design expertise in re-engineering processes and their effective implementation. Drive through change and take the process improvement actions necessary to improve and maximise effectiveness of their functional area.

Key Competencies


  • Understanding of data and voice networks, SfB, VoIP.
  • Understanding of Carrier SLAs
  • Understanding of Carrier support plans, including the escalation process


  • Customer service & operations background
  • Experience in building relationships and partnerships



Confidence, coaching, and developing self and others

  • Works independently without guidance. Acts when others disagree
  • Shares knowledge with others and acknowledges their inputs. Motivates team through positive and constructive feedback
  • Assumes responsibility, and takes ownership and accountability
  •  Recognises strengths and weaknesses in others. Reassures team members or colleagues after setbacks and encourages improvement

Customer management/service

  • Has knowledge of customers’ business operations and needs
  • Anticipates customer needs and meets them effectively
  • Monitors and acts on measures of customer satisfaction
  • Actively seeks customers input and provides action-oriented feedback on progress

Personal motivation and results

  • Maintains personal standards and exceeds expectations

Relationship building

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the individuals and groups essential to performing daily tasks
  • Demonstrates an understanding of own impact on others


Dealing with difficult people

  • Demonstrates understanding of problem by paraphrasing etc
  • Remain unbiased when settling issues between different parties

Judgment and decision making

  • Verifies facts through relevant, specific enquiries
  • Weighs up different options to help achieve best course of action

Problem analysis/solving

  • Asks relevant questions to gather necessary information
  • Asks good questions and consults many sources for answers

Quality and excellence

  • Uses operational techniques and activities to fulfil the requirements of quality

Technical competence and professional excellence

  • Shares knowledge or expertise with colleagues and customers
  • Is well organised and able to multi-task effectively


Adaptability and flexibility

  • Shows an open-minded approach to change, cooperating readily with revised methods and priorities
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the need for change and learns from mistakes


  • Builds effective working relationships with colleagues. Uses words and data relevant to the complexity of the message and audience
  • Listens attentively to others and responds with empathy
  • Sequences information in a logical order to aid understanding


  • Persists in the face of obstacles or rejection
  • Takes action to overcome difficulties

Influence and persuasion

  • Addresses needs and preferences of key decision makers
  •  Adapts presentation or discussion to appeal to the interest or perspective of the listener


Planning and organising

  • Fully understands what needs to be delivered and who else is involved
  • Guides the performance of others while holding them accountable.  Builds trust among team
  • Enlists the help of others where necessary to ensure effective and efficient completion of tasks

Team management, empowerment and delegation

  • Stays close without taking over delegated work, providing ongoing constructive feedback

Act in accordance with GCI’s corporate security standards.

  • IS Security Policy
  • HR Security Policy

NOC Service Engineer – 24/7


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