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Unified Communications - Telemarketing Sector - 1calldirect

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The Overview

Unified Communications services in the Telemarketing Sector, enabling disaster recovery and saving £10,000 per month by introducing multiple carrier call centres.

1calldirect are ‘Top of the League’ experts in outsourced telesales with over 400 employees and a range of clients including Scottish Power and The People’s Post Code Lottery. With their HQ based in Glasgow and a second site in Larbert, 1calldirect specialise in customer acquisition, retention and win back through inbound and outbound channels.

The outsourced contact centre market is fiercely competitive and cost driven. To retain their competitive edge, 1calldirect have always focused on selecting the right technologies and choosing solutions from partners that give advanced results, maximum uptime and decreased costs. Telecommunications infrastructure and services are the lifeblood of 1calldirect’s business, which is why their partnership with GCI is central to their ongoing growth and success.

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The Challenge

Nowhere in the contact centre market epitomises ‘time is money’ like outsourcing. Clients are continually targeting their outsource partners to do more for less. As outsourcer’s costs are driven down by their clients, so must the cost of technology and services. To outsourcers, every second of downtime or drop in output can represent a huge potential cost and with competitors constantly looking at a chance to impress your clients, it is a business risk that cannot be ignored.

1calldirect’s ongoing challenge is to find best value service providers who can guarantee unrivalled levels of uptime and support, working as a partner rather than a supplier. “The telecommunications market is flooded with companies who say they will look after you” says 1calldirect Managing Director and owner Paul Jones. “But in reality, there are few that really understand contact centres and even fewer that understand the pressures and demands of outsourcing. Solving that problem was absolutely essential to us.”

The Solution

Having provided a no-obligation cost analysis, GCIs team of contact centre market experts identified in excess of £10,000 savings per month on 1calldirect’s existing contracts. Paul Jones commented, “These were enormous savings that we could not ignore but we also needed to know that the solution was robust and met our uptime needs.” Heeding this request, GCI removed the single point of failure of having a single line provider, implementing a solution which leveraged two carriers using entirely different routes into 1calldirect’s contact centre. Malcolm MacLennan, Client Services Director at 1calldirect commented, “It is of huge importance to our business that we have contingency in everything we do. The GCI solution gives us the safety net of multiple carriers in case of any loss of service and it has proved absolutely critical.”

Given the high volume of contact centre call traffic transiting the exchanges in Glasgow, GCI also proposed a solution which also utilised exchanges in Edinburgh, vastly reducing the risks of downtime caused by such a high concentration of calls in one area through tailor made solutions.

1calldirect also required innovative solutions from their suppliers that improved their competitive edge. For 1calldirect, the majority of users are using mobiles to make and receive their calls and not everyone would answer a call if they do not recognise the area code. GCIs Type 7 CLI predetermines codes dependent on the receiver’s location.

So, no matter where 1calldirect are calling from, they will always appear as a local number therefore increasing the pick-up rate by over 30%. Not only are 1calldirect able to offer a better service to their current portfolio of customers, but they are able to use the Type 7 CLI product and their use of multiple channels as a USP when they pitch to prospective clients. Unlike their competitors, they can guarantee that their targeted call rates and SLA’s are protected through a resilient and seamless Disaster Recovery plan.

Malcolm continues, ‘It takes people with experience and knowledge of contact centres to propose and deliver solutions like ours. GCI are, in my experience, one of an extremely small number of suppliers who have this knowledge. Furthermore, they can back this up with excellent support if something does go wrong.” Paul Jones summarises the solution and partnership with GCI saying, “We need technology and services to be robust and at the lowest possible cost. In GCI, we have exactly that.”

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