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Security and Compliance - Public Safety - Gas Safe Register

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Gas Safe Register


Public Safety

The Overview

Security and Compliance services in the Public Safety sector, upgrading voice & payment options to help automate key processes for Gas Safe Register.

Over the long Easter weekend around 58,000 gas engineers were expected to contact the Gas Safe Register in order to renew their registration. In previous years, the Call Centres were not able to cope with the high peaks of callers or out of hour’s queries and as a result engineers had complained about long delays when renewing. This problem not only needed to be solved, but their system needed to be improved so engineers could renew simply and efficiently.

In these circumstances Gas Safe Register had a choice, either go through a major Call Centre staff recruitment and training exercise for just one weekend, or be faced with excessive employment costs, additional infrastructure costs, and a logistical headache.

Following a consultation with Gas Safe Register, GCI delivered a fully-automated intelligent telephony solution using interactive voice response and speech recognition, which allowed engineers to renew their registration quickly and easily 24x7x365. Implementation resulted in engineers being less stressed as renewal was straightforward, and time taken to renew was reduced by up to 75%. The internal process was streamlined, and Gas Safe Register had a system that met their ongoing needs as well as addressing future peak periods.

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The Challenge

Gas Safe Register, which replaced CORGI in April 2009, is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey and by law all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.

To spread registration renewals across the year, Gas Safe Register decided that engineers would renew on their anniversary date. While this would ease traffic in the future, 80% of engineers had transferred from CORGI, which meant that the renewal deadline for around 58,000 gas engineers was on the same date.

This peak in renewals presented Call Centre Managers with an unsustainable addition to their workload. Temporary staff had to be sourced, employed and trained to cover the demand during this peak period. There was also the cost of salaries, facilities management, and time to recruit and train these temporary members of staff.

As a result, last year’s renewals resulted in calls from frustrated engineers regarding how long it had taken to go through the renewal process and make their payment by debit or credit card. Combined with their realisation that the weekend of high call volumes was due to fall over Easter weekend in 2013, Gas Safe Register saw there was an opportunity to change the renewal process significantly and so they turned to their technology partner GCI.

The Solution

GCI worked closely with the team at Gas Safe Register to design and implement a solution that addressed the problems with the previous processes and supporting systems. The process needed streamlining to make it as easy as possible for both the company and the gas engineers to renew, while also taking payments by debit and credit cards.

GCI’s voice technology experts recommended a bespoke solution that would meet all of these requirements in conjunction with providing 24x7x365 accessibility. GCI provided a series of telephone numbers, starting with an 0845 prefix, which routed to a dedicated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution.

The IVR provided a fully voice-driven interface which included speech recognition, enabling engineers to interact with the IVR to renew their registration quickly and efficiently. The speech recognition functionality identified the engineers account and accurately captured their payment details, whilst the text to speech conversion allowed the system to take the stored data and speak it back to the engineers to confirm identity and pricing.

Implementation of this solution also helped Gas Safe Register identify additional processes that could be automated, and elements of the renewals solution have been re-used within other business processes meaning they have received even better value for money. GCI not only helped Gas Safe Register solve the problem, but aided the development of their system.

Andrew Bowring, Programme Manager at Gas Safe Register explains the benefits the solutions has, “People who had never even used it before were fine, renewing and making payments with ease. We didn’t have any customer complaints and we had an extremely good user reaction."

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