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Cloud - Retail Sector - GO Outdoors

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GO Outdoors



The Overview

Cloud Services in the Retail Sector, streamlining GO Outdoors processes on the GCI Cloud platform

GO Outdoors is a destination retailer whose Head Office is in Sheffield. Their core vision is to create a store that helps as many people as possible to have fun and adventure in the outdoors by offering low prices and great service.

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The Challenge

GO Outdoors had a public DSL network infrastructure over which they ran secure IP Sec connections. As the business grew and they introduced new applications, this technology was no longer adequate to keep up with the developing needs of the business.

Key issues of the legacy solution included the decreased reliability of the Public DSL service, low bandwidth availability, the inability of public DSL to support Quality of Service (QoS) and the lack of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The PSTN’s used for traditional voice were provided by a multitude of providers resulting in the business finding the situation difficult to manage and support.

In addition to this, GO Outdoors had an ageing server estate and they were quickly running out of physical space to add additional servers, only being able to maintain the cooling of their critical servers.

The key requirements of this project were a Wide Area Network that could support their real-time stock control system, a Voice over IP solution to reduce expensive PBX costs at each store, and a resilient internet connection to support their website. In conjunction with this additional services were required such as CCTV as the internet is an important revenue stream.

The Solution

GCI provided GO Outdoors with an MPLS network to meet each site’s individual requirements. This integration enabled them to adopt Cloud and Data Centre services with ease, virtualising almost their entire server estate on the GCI Cloud platform.

GCI therefore designed a solution that offered their head office resilience via dual 100Mb fibre connections and a 100Mb EAD circuit providing triangulation across their two head office locations.

Network connectivity for each store is considered on a site by site basis with GCI’s tailored support. Depending on availability, GCI will provide either a Leased Line, Fibre or Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) with a DSL back up. As EFM has become more readily available, this has become GO Outdoors technology of choice. EFM provides advantages such as symmetrical bandwidth, Quality of Service (QoS) and quick delivery times at a fraction of the cost of a Fibre circuit.

As the internet has become increasingly important, GO Outdoors have upgraded their existing internet solution with GCIs non-stop internet offering. GO Outdoors increased the resiliency of their internet connectivity through dual internet connections and unified threat management devices, reducing the risk of hardware failure and increasing security.

GCI also successfully migrated the GO Outdoors server estate onto the private GCI Cloud platform. This has provided them with more flexibility and scalability when working on new projects as new servers can be provisioned in a matter of hours.

In addition to this, the resilient Cloud platform offers Disaster Recovery across GCI’s former nuclear bunker Data Centre and the Salford Data Centre. GO Outdoors no longer need to worry about the headache and cost of powering and cooling their server estate.

GO Outdoors now benefit from a unique network and internet connectivity solution and by providing them with QoS, increased bandwidth and resilience, they can ensure their business critical applications and operations are running efficiently.

The network and Cloud are fully managed by the GCI 24/7 network operations centre. This has enabled GO Outdoors to enjoy the benefits of a single provider for data and Cloud requirements, such as a single point of contact, single billing platform, and unmatched support and management.

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