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Office 365 - Agency and Design Sector - Wallpaper

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Agency and Design

The Overview

Office 365 solutions by GCI for the Agency and Design Sector, enabling instant sharing and access to documents for employees with ease.

Wallpaper are a small creative agency specialising in communication through innovative design who believe strongly in the power of creativity to transform organisations. They help their clients drive everything from employee behaviours and new product development to visual identity and communications.

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  • Real Time Communication
  • Anywhere Working
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Monthly Subscription Model

The Challenge

Wallpaper had several key problems which needed addressing. The agency employs a number of designers, who alternate between office based and home working from locations across the UK. Additionally, they are often travelling between client meetings and need to work on projects whilst in transit. As a result, the company struggled with different versions of documents and data on all sorts of devices, often inaccessible to the people who need them. Using hard drives and USBs had become extremely restrictive, and as they were trying to access content on stand-alone computers, there was the potential for duplication of each design file.

Wallpaper has seen consistent growth over the 10 years since it was founded, but this growth was severely stretching the limitations of their IT environment which was the same basic, low cost platform put in place when they first started. It had served them well over the years but wasn’t scalable and very limited in technical capabilities.

Needing to check email when on the move was proving particularly problematic. The team would send emails from mobiles but the lack of synchronisation meant there would be no record on their laptops. Wallpaper found it difficult to implement a good back-up system because the files weren’t accessible while people were using email, so they were never confident they could locate historic data if required.

In addition to all of the above, administration and support overheads were increasing. They had been managing all IT in-house and that was placing an increasing burden on the team. As headcount grew they realised a change was necessary.

The Solution

Through our partnership with market leading technology provider Microsoft, GCI were able to provide the most competitive and suitable solution for Wallpaper’s ongoing problems. The solution provided was Office 365, and it had an immediate impact:

-Staff now have access to all their emails and calendars across all devices and can rely upon the data being accurate and up to date.

-They now have the ability to share and access shared documents with ease.

-OneDrive provides a simple and secure online storage solution for all design files which are often too large to send via email.

-Office 365 employs an OPEX financial model, enabling easy management of monthly costs.

-Updates to features in Office 365 are automatic, so employees are guaranteed to always be working on the most up to date version of any Microsoft product.

-Employees were already familiar with the Office suite so moving to Office 365 was not a big shift.

-Office 365 is powered by the cloud, so employees can now get to their applications and files from virtually anywhere, on any device – PC, Mac and Tablets.

-Instant Messaging and Presence provided by Skype for Business as part of Office 365 enables colleagues to see each other’s availability and communicate in real time. Combined with shared calendars that they can get to from virtually anywhere, colleagues can stay in sync, and on schedule.

GCI Support:

Wallpaper now trust GCI as their Office 365 partner; their one point of support for any of their Office 365 concerns:

-Logged incident fully managed by GCI’s dedicated Office 365 Team.

-Visibility into query progress via GCI's Resolution Status Updates.

-Assurance of established Service Level Agreements.

-Incidents resolved remotely using web tools and telephone.

-2 Free hours of administration requests, for tasks such as managing limits, setups of groups or new users.

-Security of GCI's ability to elevate and manage queries with Microsoft’s Signature Cloud Support team.


Wallpaper have the reassurance that regardless of location, they can access the documents they need, and in turn, easily collaborate with their colleagues. Additionally, working with and sharing files with customers has been vastly improved through the ability to use secure, cloud based shared storage.

Wallpaper also benefit from always being able to work on the latest level of Microsoft Office software, meaning they enjoy the advancements and improvements to the software as soon as they are released.

The company’s IT team have peace of mind that they are operating on a secure system that is financially backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Additionally, the move to a monthly subscription model means the team can easily plan IT budgets without worrying about CAPEX costs.