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Hosted Voice - Agency and Design Sector - Purpose Media

Client Name

Purpose Media


Agency and Design

The Overview

Hosted Voice solutions in the Agency and Design sector, delivering a reliable disaster recovery solution that provides high speed and reliable connectivity.

Purpose Media are an award winning Derbyshire based e-commerce website development and online marketing specialist, helping retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers sell more online and expand their geographic markets.

With over 600 clients and a proven track record, Purpose Media produce solutions with a drive to increase sales, reduce cost and improve profitability. This is achieved by streamlining business processes with sage website integration and reaching new markets with localised multilingual and international websites. Their strategies deliver a consistent flow of the right visitors to client websites, and enable them to integrate web, business and accounting systems, providing real time stock control, order processing and data management.
The success of their solutions is proven by statistical evidence, with customers transacting over £100 million in online sales over the last three years. Furthermore, the company was recently awarded as Sheffield’s Regional Small Business of the Year which further demonstrates their success.

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  • Flexible and scalable VoIP solution
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free calls between offices on the Hosted VoIP network
  • High speed, reliable connectivity
  • Robust Service Level Agreements
  • Reliable Disaster Recovery Solution

The Challenge

With an extensive client base and proven track record, Purpose Media wanted to ensure that their IT systems could support future plans for growth and development of the business. Back in June 2015, Purpose Media announced a 2,200 sq. ft. office extension plan adjacent to their current premises at The Village Business Park, South Normanton. This new production facility would provide a collaborative environment for the company’s Web Developers and provide much needed room for further employee retention. Furthermore, Purpose Media had recently acquired a Derbyshire creative design agency, again highlighting the need for greater space to support their growth ambitions.

However, these plans would need scalable IT Solutions to match. A big concern for Purpose Media was their ageing phone system, which they wanted to replace with a scalable and modern voice solution that could be transported between the old and new office. Furthermore, they required greater IT support with increasing user numbers alongside the proposed technological developments. Having worked with GCI Derby on their website, Purpose Media knew GCI well and had the confidence that they were able to fulfill their requirements.

The Solution

As part of their communications refresh, GCI provided Purpose Media with one of their Hosted Voice offerings; Broadsoft. This feature-rich, cost-effective Hosted Voice solution is ideal for small to enterprise businesses looking to extend IP communications across single or multi-site locations.

GCIs Hosted Voice solution is designed for SME and Enterprise companies, with a complete suite of business communications features delivered from the cloud. It enables businesses to keep in close contact with customers, partners, suppliers and staff from any location, removing the need to purchase, install and maintain expensive equipment.

After providing a demonstration of Broadsoft, the mobility of GCIs Hosted Voice solution became apparent, and being in the technology sector themselves Purpose Media were aware of the benefits it could have on their organisation. GCI efficiently deployed the solution in a week, providing brand new Polycom handsets which have lifetime warranty* and plug and play capabilities. Not only this, but flexible licensing options meant that Purpose Media could add new employees onto the system immediately, which was imperative during a period of rapid growth and development. A simple management portal meant Purpose Media could conveniently make company wide or office specific changes without the need to contact GCI. Purpose Media also receives access to their own customer portal, so that they can make simple changes to mobility, voicemail and other call handling rules, without having to contact a third party support provider, therefore cutting out unnecessary waiting time. This is great for areas such as reception for example, who may want to use auto attendant as a bespoke feature to direct call traffic in the right direction.

With the office expanding, Purpose Media also required flexibility in the designation of phone numbers. By choosing a Hosted Voice solution, the business benefited from being able to port their existing numbers, allowing them the flexibility to keep their numbers so that they didn’t have to waste time on re-distributing their new contact details or waste money on printing new letter-headed paper or business cards. With the capability to port their existing numbers into the Hosted Voice solution, Purpose Media could also have additional numbers associated with one phone without any geographical constraints. These Non geographical numbers have many benefits, including improved customer satisfaction with greater analytics on call traffic, and the ability to move location whilst keeping the same number.

In conjunction with installing and supporting an on premise Hosted Voice solution, GCI reworked Purpose Media’s whole data transit path to ensure quick and reliable voice and connectivity between offices for optimised performance. Furthermore, GCI provide Purpose Media with additional Desktop and user IT support.

Now equipped to instantly communicate with employees and customers, Purpose Media are collaborating more effectively. The end-to-end Hosted Voice service eliminates infrastructure overheads, leaving Purpose Media free to focus on their core business, whilst its state of the art features provide unmatched power and productivity across any location.

*So long as GCI continue to provide the Hosted Voice solution