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Unified Communications - Not for Profit - The Royal National Institute of the Blind

Client Name

The Royal National Institute of the Blind


Not for Profit

The Overview

Unified Communications services in the Not for Profit sector from GCI, enabling easy data input and voice recognition for the blind and partially sighted.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is the leading charity offering information, support and advice to almost two million people with sight loss. Offering a wide range of direct and indirect services, RNIB campaign for positive change at the heart of their corporate strategy. With a close interest in telecommunications, they have trained blind telephonists, assessed switchboards and been involved in numerous product designs and developments.

Most recently they worked with Vodafone to bring to market mobile telephones with speech output. This was in response to a wide range of OFTEL and now OFCOM consultations on telecoms issues, but in order to exceed all the regulations, they needed to do more so turned to GCI for consultation.

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The Challenge

The RNIB found that 81% of blind and partially sighted people could not read the safety notices on the medicines they were prescribed. Without accessible instructions, they were at risk of overdosing, not taking enough or even taking the completely wrong medication.

Alarmed by this staggering figure, The RNIB launched a new access to health information campaign. By raising awareness through gathering stories and even going as far as meeting with MPs, they gained support from the government, OFCOM and drug companies to do more for the community. 95% of people said they want to read their own health information and could not, but GCI was happy to help.

The Solution

By providing The RNIB with an 0800 number branded X-PIL, blind and partially sighted people can now enter a code and have their patient information leaflets read to them, explaining how much and when to take their medication.

They can also have the information sent in large, braille or audio CD, but, by simply inputting a product code number and selecting the different options, the new line supplied by GCI gives them 24x7x365 accessible advice.

The X-PIL care line takes advantage of GCI’s innovative speech recognition service too. Patients can easily communicate their requirements and the line has been tried and tested to understand mumbling, quiet speaking levels and disturbance in the background.

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