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Cloud - Retail Sector- Ticketing Network East Midlands

Client Name

Ticketing Network East Midlands



The Overview

Cloud Services for the Retail sector, migrating Ticketing Network East Midlands to the GCI Cloud.

Ticketing Network East Midlands (TNEM) was a new business set up by four leading arts organisations in Nottingham; Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham Playhouse, Lakeside Arts Centre and Dance4.

TNEM was launched to manage their ticketing and CRM system from Tessitura networks. The system aimed to significantly increase the sales, marketing and personal giving capacity of the non-profit cultural sector in Nottingham; with the potential to expand across the East Midlands as more members joined the consortium.

Customers can make bookings via the phone, web or in person at the box office, but all of their transactions go through to the same application where they require a secure and resilient connection to do so. With hundreds of calls coming through every day, TNEM approached GCI for help with a few challenges they wanted to overcome.

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The Challenge

Although TNEM were not suffering from any critical issues, they found that they had little to no flexibility or scalability with their current provider, Nottingham City Council.

Online ticketing sales makes TNEM a 24x7 operation, and they knew they would need more support moving forward. So, when their service contract with the council came up for renewal, they decided it was time for a change.

Determined to improve their customer service levels, TNEM recognised that they needed to adopt new technologies. However, they were worried that anything less than a smooth migration could cause delays and affect their business; especially with the busy Christmas period approaching.

After a consultation with the GCI team it was agreed that the best solution was to implement their project in 2 phases. There was only 1 opportunity in a 3 day period where a migration could take place without impacting on business continuity.

With customer support and profit levels also under threat, TNEM were unwilling to take any risks and they wanted a trustworthy partner; so our team went to work.

The Solution

For the first phase of the solution, GCI lifted and shifted TNEM’s entire environment from Nottingham City Council into the GCI Cloud. Now able to scale and flex their processes to meet their increasing demands, as the business grows, so will their solution, and when they do expand throughout the Midlands, GCI will be ready to help.

In order to stay on top of the migration and the improvements, TNEM decided to run some basic tests to see how GCI compared to Nottingham City Council after the first phase. Despite the fact that they were still using their legacy servers within the GCI Cloud, tests revealed that performance levels had already increased.

Moving onto the second stage, GCI then upgraded TNEM to a bespoke, purpose-built environment in the New Year. Again, there was a really tight deadline to meet and the GCI team worked to accelerate the process through stringent project planning and completed on-time and under budget,

In conclusion, GCI have now upgraded all of TNEM’s software and fully migrated them to the GCI Cloud with rigorous project planning. Annie Scally, TNEM Project Manager, personally thanked GCI’s Liz Longhorn, Brett Jowett and Ben Wildman for being on-hand with their account at all times; supporting the deployment and working well as a team to successfully complete the project.

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