Case study title

Unified Communications – Financial Sector – Myers Clark

Client Name

Myers Clark



The Overview

Hosted Telephony services in the Financial Sector, providing an always up to date, cloud based PBX that delivers cost savings & real return on investment.

Established in 1912, Myers Clark is a large independent firm of Chartered Accountants, offering a broad range of tax, audit and accountancy services for both organisations and individuals. Myers Clark are committed to providing an innovative service, adding value by working closely with their clients.

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  • Minimal Relocation Costs
  • Reduced Line Rental Costs
  • CAPEX to OPEX Model
  • Constant Software Updates

The Challenge

Myers Clark has partnered with Freedom and GCI for over 20 years, and relies on them to plan, implement and support its continually evolving communications strategy. Myers Clark identified that their once market-leading product was becoming outdated and GCI/Freedom were able to offer some guidance on areas for improvement.

Replace outdated system: Myers Clark’s old system was no longer supported by the manufacturer and any breakdown would lead to a telecommunications black out.

Remote working: Myers Clark’s staff often need to work at client sites and home, and it is essential that the same level of service is provided regardless of location. Therefore it is vital that outside callers are seamlessly connected and staff calling clients do so from the main office number.

The Solution

Although a long-term partner of GCI and Freedom’s, Myers Clark went to market to ensure they were receiving best value as well as the most appropriate platform. GCI and Freedom were able to provide this.

Encapsulating not only comprehensive customer service but ensuring that Myers Clark receive the best solution at the best value ensures that Myers Clark have peace of mind that GCI/Freedom are continually evaluating new communications technologies, and they are therefore informed of best market solutions.

Additionally, Myers Clark are supported by account management, provisioning and support teams that act as both partners and trusted advisors, guaranteeing their communications strategy is placed to deliver on business objectives.

Through this approach, GCI and Freedom were able to provide the most competitive and suitable platform based on business and operational requirements: *Freedom Active Cloud Telephony (FACT).

*This is a communications platform for businesses that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal

With resilience, security and flexibility their key priorities, Myers Clark transitioned to GCI and Freedom's FACT solution. The service allows Myers Clark to:

-Easily manage their environment whilst enabling employees to maximise their productivity.

-Relocate easily as the hosted platform only requires external connectivity and a new dedicated line for Voice.

-Retain telephone numbers regardless of whether employees work from the office, home or anywhere else with an internet connection.

-Take advantage of internet capability and economies thanks to the new ‘cloud-based’ system.

-See who is ringing, as well as document contact and enquiries with greater accuracy.

-Move offices with ease, as a result that the system has no physical attachments to the building.

Myers Clark now has a future-proofed communications strategy in place, with their new platform ensuring they always deliver exceptional customer service.

-The new system is extremely cost-effective, as it utilises a hosted system which keeps the prices low.

-With increasingly complex ways of committing Toll Fraud, the new communication system dramatically reduces Myers Clark’s vulnerability to hacking.

-Calls can be made or taken irrespective of location, be it from desk phones, mobiles or laptops.

-Always operating on the latest levels of software, including real-time call monitoring, giving reassurance that Myers Clark are optimally protected against Toll Fraud.

-Minimal relocation costs as Myers Clark keep their numbers regardless of location, eliminating costs and logistical difficulties associated with moving office and ensuring there is no impact to customers.

The Return on Investment

Additionally, Myers Clark has reduced costs in a number of areas:

-Calls to UK landline numbers are now free and minimal to UK mobiles, saving Myers Clark 70% on their annual phone bill.

-Moving to SIP technology dramatically reduces line rental costs, seeing savings of up to 50%.

-Upfront costs of moving to a hosted platform are far less than that of a like-for-like on premise solution.

-FACT has no onsite processing hardware, making it far more efficient to run. The platform also requires less maintenance support, providing additional ongoing savings.

-The system’s software is consistently updated, ensuring Myers Clark no longer has to pay for software upgrades.

-By switching to an OPEX model, costs are consistent and easily budgeted for.