20th April 2017

Enterprise Mobility & Security for BYOD – Podcast by Cloud Product Manager at GCI, Andrew Wild

This short Podcast gives you a simplified overview of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security Service known as EM+S. This podcast focuses on how Enterprise Mobility and Security will help leverage the benefits – and address the risks – associated with one of the biggest game changers in corporate communications – the accelerating practice of staff using their own devices at Work… the so-called Bring Your Own Device (or BYOD) policy.

What is it?

Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S) is the successor to Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite. It was launched in 2016 and provides organisations the ability to protect data on mobile devices – be they laptops, smartphones or tablets.

It is purpose built to help organisations provision all the services and applications mobile workers need to access AND, critically, it simultaneously allows organisations to retain protection and control.

In headline terms this protection and control covers

  • Identity management
  • Mobile device and PC management
  • Cloud-based file tracking, classification & encryption
  • Protection from cyber attacks
  • Security for business critical cloud applications

So, why should you consider it?

The simple answer is because you cannot prevent the advance of Bring Your Own Device. Indeed, many organisations have already stopped issuing mobile devices to their staff.

Employees using their own devices bring a number of risks. The most important of these is the challenge securely of providing and administering access to corporate applications on a personal device.


Some real life examples of how EM+S can help…

Example 1
A business wishes to offer a Bring Your Own Device programme to all employees with the aim of (1) reducing hardware expenditure and (2) increase mobile productivity. The big challenge here is the requirement to separate corporate and private applications and data… and keep both secure. EM+S is purpose built to enable just that.

Example 2
A business wants to issue ‘limited-use’ shared tablets to their staff. A good example might be retail employees using tablets to process customer orders… or simply using them to check inventory. The good news here is that EM+S can centrally manage those devices and securely lock them down.

Example 3
A business wants to allow staff working remotely on their own devices to access secure corporate data – for example sales information. EM+S will enrole that private device into a corporate policy for data access. So what does that mean? Simply put it means that your mobile devices have the same protection as on-premise devices.

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