How will I be contacted and updated on my order?

Within 48hrs of your order being accepted by GCI, a member of your dedicated projects team will contact you to ensure we have all of your requirements and understand any constraints you may have. You will then be updated weekly as a minimum.

How do I contact my project team?

You will be supported by a team of 4 highly skilled project staff, led by a senior and experienced Prince2 qualified Project Managers, this will ensure there is always someone available to deal the any requests or questions you may have. During your initial kick off call with the team you will be provided with all the specific contact details for your specific team.

How quickly can you deliver my order?

We have the resources, flexibility and products to meet customer’s time constraints. During your project kick off meeting with the provisioning team, you will be provided with a project timeline that will detail the critical key dates for your delivery.

What is Wayleave?

Should the carrier site survey indicate that work is needed on private land, it could lead to Wayleave. This is a written agreement between the carrier used and the land/property owner, this may have an impact on the delivery of the circuit and delays may be encountered. Again GCI have the products and capability to contingency plan for such delays.
Click here for more details [link to pdf- gci-wayleave-useful-information.pdf]

What are Excess Construction Charges?

Where a survey is necessary (usually for fibre provisions) it could result in excess costs. This would in locations where there is no existing fibre or ducting. If this is the case the lead times may be impacted along with possible additional costs. You have the right to cancel the order on receipt of ECC’s and again GCI have the products and carrier relationships to ensure other options are available.

How much notice will I receive for site specific appointments?

We will always endeavour to provide as much notice as possible in order for customers to arrange site access. As a minimum we would provide 48 hours’ notice.

What happens if my product isn’t available in order to meet my time constraints?

We can provision Satellite, 3G, 4G, DLOS and various other products at very short notice in order to deal with any delays. We also have a number of options in order to fast track products with various carriers. Contingency planning is part of the provisioning process, your project management team can provide advice accordingly.

I do not have an internal technical support team, how can GCI help me?

Over 40% of GCI employees are technical engineers with a varied skill set in order to support our full range of products. We are able to off on-site or remote support in order to meet your needs. GCI can act as an extension of your IT department if required.

What will I need to port my telephone numbers over to GCI?

You will need to complete a letter of authority placed on your company headed paper. Your account manager can provide this where applicable.

How long will it take to port my telephone numbers?

On acceptance, the letter of authority will be submitted to BT by our GCI porting team. For single analogue numbers the lead time is 10 working days. For a multi-line the lead time will be 22 working days. This is based on the letter of authority being accepted.

What happens when my order is complete?

You will receive a handover to our BAU Operational support team who will deal with any Incident/Problem/Availability management in line with our ITIL framework. Our Service Desk is available to support you 24/7/365 days a year.

How can I report a fault/Incident or raise a request for information?

You may contact our 24/7 Service Desk on 01132 547150 or 0844 4433538 tor report a fault with your solution. You will immediately receive a ticket reference number that may be used to track the progress of your fault through to resolution.

How can I raise a complaint?

You may contact our Customer Relations Team by calling 01924 641299 or by emailing

Who can I escalate to if I feel my project isn’t progressing in an efficient manner?

On acceptance of your order, you will receive a Welcome Pack that will detail the escalation path and you will be provided with contact information for your Project Team leader, our Customer Relations team and Head of Service Delivery.

What is Traffic Management and why is it required?

A carrier may have to apply to the local council to provide traffic management whilst the carrier complete their external works. This is required to keep the engineers safe whilst they complete their works.

When will I receive my first invoice?

Once your service is handed over it will be passed to our billing department and the invoice will be generated at the next bill run. The bill run is typically the first week of every month. Should your service be billed early in the month, it will be the following month that you will receive your invoice. This invoice will cover you from the handed over date to the end of that current month and the next month in advance. For example, if your service was billed on 12th January 2015, you would be billed for the remainder of January (19 days) and all of February.

Can I choose my billing schedule?

Your billing schedule will be detailed in your contract and this can be agreed with your account manager prior to contractual sign off. We can amend the schedule at request.