27th January 2016 by GCI

GCI are Pleased to Announce the Transition to a Fully End to End, Internet Protocol (IP)

GCI are pleased to announce that as a result of significant investment and development in its core voice architecture, that the transition to a fully end to end, Internet Protocol (IP) carrier grade voice platform has now been realised. This final phase of project work for the Voice Next Generation Network, culminates in the release of the customer “Web Enabled Routing and Statistics Portal”, with an effect go live of:


0600hrs Thursday 15th January 2015.

The new “Web Enabled Routing and Statistics Portal” allows GCI voice customers (less Hosted Voice customers):

Web Enabled Routing
  • To have self-control of their telephone numbers, by permitting diverse call routes of their numbers in routing, multiple entry time of day call routing
  • Multiple entry percentage call routing
  • Special/Bank Holiday and multiple targeted fallback call routes when ‘call busy’, ‘number unavailable’ or ‘ring tone no response’

This self-serviced portal offers our customer the freedom and access from any internet Web Browser to remotely log in and manage their single or portfolio of numbers at their leisure.


Equally, the Statistics element within the customer portal permits the ability to view a myriad of usable call metrics and data on all inbound calls in graphical, tabular and exportable file formats (.csv or even .jpg/.png). Such features within the Statistics package are:

  • ‘Total Calls’ made by group or individual number
  • ‘Average call duration’
  • ‘Peak call times’
  • ‘Most minutes’ by number
  • ‘Average call durations’
  • Coupled with the standard call statistics a customer expects from Caller Display Records (CDRs)

This fully configurable and adjustable statistical data, permits our customers to compare and contrast inbound call profiles in order to make informed decisions, in near real time and well before receiving their monthly customer CDR’s.

GCI will continue to undertake enhancements with the Web Enabled Routing and Statistics Portal throughout the lifecycle of the portal, this will ensure increased functionality and user features as and when they become available, which we will communicate to all our customers as enhancements are released.

For those customers who have GCI undertake their number management, GCI will continue to do so as contracted. However, any of our customer wishing to take advantage of the ability to self-manage and control their numbers in routing, coupled with the ability to view call statistics should contact our: