Our Values

Teamwork & Partnerships – working together

The success of GCI is not just dependent on technical expertise, but the ability of individuals to work together to make our ‘one stop ICT shop’ happen for customers.Our people are praised for their ability to work in partnership and as part of a team to deliver every single time, often in challenging circumstances. Trust, support and transparency are crucial to making things happen at GCI.  Mutual respect and integrity shape our internal and external partnerships.

People & Passion – a talented workforce

Employing over 230 people, GCI is very much a people business and believes in being the best employer we can be, and our people are passionate about what they do in terms of our business, its customers and their own personal career goals.We enthuse a culture of passion towards helping our colleagues maximise their potential and grow to their own personal best, which results in us attracting the cream of the industry to work with us. A dedicated, expert team of people are GCIs most important asset.

Dependability & Trust – to act as your IT team

Accountability for our actions is what drives GCI forward. We are passionate about our service levels, taking responsibility for our customer’s businesses and ensuring things happen. Our people have a clear sense of responsibility for their customer accounts; they care, are strong-willed yet fun for our clients and partners to do business with.Our focus on service means we will always reach decisions which are unique to our customer—they’re logical, informed and will meet or exceed expectations to encourage personal and enduring partnerships.

Innovation – doing things differently

Our role is to deliver the most appropriate, up-to-date and best of breed products that are reliable, secure yet budget-conscious. Our people strive to always be the best creatively and to do things differently to the competition. Our entrepreneurial attitude to emerging products and processes keeps us and our customers ahead of ICT change.