SMS Made Easy

SMS is a simple, cost effective, fast and efficient way to ensure you reach 100% of your target audience. Managing your SMS campaigns and marketing is simple with GCI’s hosted SMS Campaigner.

  • Send SMS from 1.5p
  • Built in reporting
  • Opt out management
  • Optional alpha tagging (present your business name instead of a mobile number)
  • Reseller opportunity – brand your own portal and add your customers as tenants


How Does It Work?

SMS Define Campaign



Define Your Campaign

Create or choose a campaign group and name your campaign. Groups allow you to combine campaigns into logical units.






SMS Adding Contacts



Add Your Contacts

Keeping a selection of contact lists saved within your campaigner means you don’t have to import the same list each time you want to send a campaign.





SMS Create Message



Personalise Your Message

Use information from your own records to make your message personal. For example, inserting a first name, quoting a reference number or mentioning products that have been purchased.





SMS Reporting



View or download real-time reports on all your campaigns – statistical data presented in a clear, easy–to-read format. Automatically manage replies from your contacts. Opt-outs are immediately and automatically handled so you stay compliant.






SMS Alpha Tag


Alpha Tagging

Alpha tagging is a great way for companies to brand their message with a unique sender ID; this can be your brand, company or promotion name. The tag will appear as the “from” address on the recipients mobile instead of a mobile number, so your customers know straight away who the message is from.






SMS Reseller Opportunities


Reseller Opportunities

If your clients would love this, then why not become a reseller? Whether you’re a reseller or a tenant, the software is easy to use, and comes fully supported with manuals, guides, and our team of in-house experts. Managing tenants as a reseller is effortless.