Unified Communications

To be effective and productive in business today you need flexible solutions that work whether you are in the office, working from home, or on the move.

Unified Communications (UC) - the integration of telephony, video, messaging, conferencing, mobility and contact centre solutions provides that flexible solution. These integrated technologies allow you to chat, meet, share information, collaborate, and truly transform the way you work.

No longer restricted by geography, travel budgets or staff away from the office, you can hold virtual meetings at the click of a mouse. Enjoy a cost effective, flexible and scalable investment with GCIs Unified Communications.

GCI specialise in a number of Unified Communications options:

  • Our Solution Process
  • Business Benefits
  • Key Features
  • Technical Information

Unified Communication platforms provide a single easy-to-use interface with consistency across PC, browser, and mobile devices. GCI takes customers through a three step solution process that makes implementation of UC simple and successful, allowing you to embrace the power of a more connected workplace.

Step 1: Establish a business case
Let GCI help you to establish if UC is right for your business by firstly analysing your existing communications infrastructure, then determining if the best solution for you to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings is by integrating UC with your legacy PBX or deployment of a complete UC solution.  

Step 2: Proof of Concept
Step two is very much bespoke to each individual customer and can encompass a design workshop or proof of concept that will demonstrate how the benefits can be realised and quantified; a key component of this stage is setting success criteria and evaluating performance to prove a real and quantifiable impact. 

Step 3: Enjoy the benefits
Step three then involves full deployment of your chosen unified communications solutions across your organisation, allowing you to realise the benefits on a much larger scale. 

Reduce Costs

  • UC platforms reduce equipment and management costs
  • Minimise Capex outlay with an Opex based pricing model
  • Reduce building costs with flexible working
  • Take advantage of hot-desking and VoIP technology

Increased Productivity 

  • Encourage collaboration in real-time
  • Remove unproductive travel time
  • Enable faster business decisions
  • Facilitate collaboration across work teams no matter their location

Simple Infrastructure 

  • The single platform means reduced management overheads
  • Easy to use – centralised administration

Flexible Solution


  • Scalable solution connecting applications, resources and users
  • UC is accessible on desktop and mobile devices
  • Utilise on premise solutions or your own private cloud
  • Employ full or phased implementation tailored to your business

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • No more carbon emissions travelling to meetings
  • Hold conferences online and stay connected with UC
  • Solutions can be hosted in our green energy efficient datacentres

Unified Communications offer your business:

  • Telephony and dial-in conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Mobility
  • Persistent Chat (Lync only)
  • Video conferencing
  • Web conferencing

Persistent Chat

  • Easily communicate and collaborate in a single place
  • Chat rooms have additional features and add-ins
  • Create topic feeds and key word notifications
  • Persistent and searchable messaging; never lose a message

Unified Messaging

  • Allows users to access voice, email, fax and other mixed media
  • All from a single mailbox independent of the access device

Multimedia Services

  • Messages of mixed media types
  • For example video, sound clips and pictures
  • Including communication from short media services (SMS)