1st April 2015 by GCI

Unified Communications developed in response to the increased demand for improved communications

In today’s fast paced working environment, technology is changing to provide users with flexible solutions that work whether you are in the office, working from home, or on the move. With the Office of National Statistics estimating that 13.9% of UK businesses and 3 million people are now embracing home working, the demand to improve communications is more important than ever before.


At the centre of this idea is Unified Communications: A collaborative solution that integrates voice, video and data to enable users to communicate and connect in real time. These transformative technologies are fully integrated to allow ease of communication and provide a fully connected workforce that can work anywhere at any time. According to a recent 2014 Microsoft survey, these efficient technologies save an average of 32 minutes per day, per employee on activities that are usually performed across multiple applications. However this is only one of a number of benefits.

Delivered from IP based infrastructure, GCIs Unified Communications platform provides a single easy-to-use interface with consistency across PC, browser and mobile devices. No longer restricted by geographical location, travel budgets, or remote working, you can hold virtual meetings through one application at the click of a mouse. As 72% of businesses having adopted to the Cloud already, moving to Unified Comms is the future of many organisations of today.

How will Unified Comms benefits my organisation?

GCI offer independent Unified Communications and collaborate with a number of established equipment vendors to provide customers with best of breed products including Microsoft Lync. Whether you’re an SME or a larger business, GCI will provide a bespoke solution to suit your business requirements. Some of the many business benefits of Unified Communications are:

Reduce costs using VoIP technology and a fully integrated platform that eases all equipment and management costs into one.

Increase productivity through real time collaboration and removing unproductive travel time through the ability to connect whether in the office, mobile or restricted by geographical location.

Take advantage of simple infrastructure through a single platform that reduces management overheads and is easy to use with the click of a mouse.

Reduce carbon footprint by eliminating travelling to meetings with solutions hosted in wind generated energy efficient Data centres.

Provide a flexible solution that is scalable across desktop and mobile devices, tailored to your business, connects applications, resources and users, and provides on premises solutions or hosting in your own private cloud.

With estimating that 95% of UK homes and businesses will have access to superfast broadband by 2017, the business case for using Unified Communications is even stronger. Not only this, but the Daily Mail has stated that these modern technologies can provide an additional 60 million hours of leisure time by 2024. By empowering staff to work from their chosen locations, businesses can see a more engaged workforce, who are both happier and more productive!

To enjoy more effective collaboration, cost savings, greater productivity and reduce your carbon footprint, look no further than GCIs Unified Comms.