24th March 2017

Occurring every other year since 1988, Red Nose Day has been a date in the diary to ‘do something funny for money’. It’s a formula that’s worked as Comic Relief has gone on to raise over £1 billion. In 2015 alone it raised just short of £100m – its highest total ever. At GCI we’re not afraid to make (slight) fools of ourselves for good causes. This year the stage was set for our office in Watford.

Not content with making our Chief Strategy Officer Scott Riley dress up as Superhero ‘Deadpool’ others including Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Hambly also joined in as Superheroes. In fact, all 70 staff chose a fetching outfit of some description.

The challenge was simple – for each outbound sales call made, GCI pledged £1 for charity. With staff hitting the phones (well Skype for Business to be precise) this number quickly shot up past the £1000 mark. Our partners at Microsoft also joined in the fun and generously donated a range of prizes which were auctioned off for charity.

In total both activities raised a grand total of £2500 for Red Nose Day.

Commenting on the day Danny Mills at GCI said: “Along with Microsoft, we’re pleased to have done our bit to support good causes today. The sight of some of us in costume might take a little while to get out of the memory but with so many incredible projects in the UK and Africa benefitting from Red Nose Day we think it’s worth a little short term embarrassment.”