ICNARC Case Study

Requirement: Fully Managed Support Service

Non-Profit critical care research and data analysis organisation, ICNARC, needed a Fully Managed IT Service partner to ensure reliable and proactive management of its IT estate with compliance to NHS and ICO regulations.

The Client

Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre (ICNARC) is an independent and Not-For-Profit registered charity. They offer information about the quality of care to those who commission, manage, deliver and experience critical care (both within and outside of the NHS), through four national clinical audits. In addition, it provides clinical and health services research studies through its registered Clinical Trials Unit. ICNARC were seeking a long-term IT partner with knowledge of the NHS’ N3 Network Security Framework who could work with them to improve their governance and risk strategy. ICNARC engaged with Blue Chip – a GCI company – in order to enter into a strategic partnership that would offer a dramatic improvement in the proactive management of its IT.

Technical Solution

GCI recommended their Fully Managed Service, which encompasses the complete management of ICNARC’s IT estate and end-user support. This service affords the organisation unlimited round-the-clock proactive management of the entire IT infrastructure which is managed remotely under strict SLAs. Underpinned by the industry-leading ServiceNow ITSM toolset, the organisation has access to the combined knowledge and experience of all of GCI’s technical experts, ensuring that they are supported 24/7 if there are any issues.

With ICNARC selecting to implement the highest tier - GCI’s Gold Fully Managed Service - they had access to further benefits such as Proactive Watchpoints. These preventative maintenance tasks are scheduled to flag up issues for resolution before they have a negative impact, in addition to increasing system performance and uptime. Furthermore, this tier affords ICNARC governance, risk and compliance management, as well as an extensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity service, ensuring that company files and data can be quickly recovered in the event of infrastructure failure. The service is kept affordable by automating repeat tasks, which reduces cost and offers the company great return on investment.

Success and Company Benefits

ICNARC now have an affordable Managed Service in place supporting the essential work they do round-the-clock, with highly trained GCI experts on hand to assist them should any issues arise. The governance, risk and compliance management in the Gold Fully Managed Service allows the company to meet the N3 Network Security Framework’s rules, and the Watchpoints and automated tasks fulfil the organisation’s need for proactive maintenance and management.

Tom Cousins, Office Manager at ICNARC, said: “As a company that reports on and audits services which affect people’s lives at their most vulnerable times, it’s essential that we have an IT system that is reliable. GCI were able to demonstrate that they were highly experienced in delivering their Managed Services, and we are confident that we have found a long-term IT partner that aligns perfectly with our strategic direction and the delivery of our mandate.”


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