Myers Clark Case Study

Requirement: Hosted Telephony

Myers Clark required Hosted Telephony services in the form of an always-up-to-date, Cloud-based PBX that delivers cost savings and real Return on Investment.

The Client

Established in 1912, Myers Clark is a large independent firm of Chartered Accountants, offering a broad range of tax, audit and accountancy services for corporate, not-for-profit and individual clients. The company is committed to showcasing integrity, clarity and innovation, with a mission to “put a face to a name” and work very closely with its customers.

Myers Clark has partnered with GCI for over 20 years, and relies on them to plan, implement and support its continually evolving communications strategy. The company had identified that its once market-leading product was becoming outdated; it was no longer supported by the manufacturer and any breakdown would lead to a telecommunications blackout. Additionally, staff often need to work at client sites or from home, and it was essential that a Remote Working strategy was implemented which offered the same seamless level of service, regardless of location.

Although a long-term partner of GCI, Myers Clark offered the project for tender to ensure it would receive the best value as well as the most appropriate platform, and ultimately decided that GCI were still the company that could best accommodate its key priorities of resilience, security and flexibility.

Technical Solution

GCI provided the most competitive and suitable platform based on Myers Clark’s business and operational requirements: Freedom Active Cloud Telephony (FACT), a communications platform for businesses that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The service allows Myers Clark to easily manage the environment and even relocate easily, as the hosted platform only requires external connectivity and a new dedicated line for Voice. Calls can be made or taken irrespective of location and from a number of devices whilst retaining employees’ phone numbers. Additionally, the new Cloud-based system takes advantage of internet capability and economies and is extremely cost-effective, as it utilises a hosted system which keeps prices low. The solution always uses the very latest software versions, including real-time call monitoring, giving reassurance that Myers Clark is optimally protected against Toll Fraud – something that is of great concern to the company. Additionally, Myers Clark is supported by Account Management, provisioning and support teams that act as both partners and trusted advisors, guaranteeing itS communications strategy will deliver on business objectives.

Success and Company Benefits

Myers Clark now has a future-proof communications strategy, with the new platform ensuring the company can always deliver exceptional customer service. Costs and logistical difficulties associated with moving office are eliminated, and there would be no impact to customers. With increasingly-complex ways of committing Toll Fraud, the new communication system also dramatically reduces Myers Clark’s vulnerability to hacking. The company has also reduced costs in many areas; calls to UK landline numbers are now free and there is only a minimal cost for calling UK mobiles, saving Myers Clark 70% on their annual phone bill. Moving to SIP technology also dramatically reduced line rental costs, seeing savings of up to 50%. Another benefit is that as FACT has no on-site processing hardware - making it far more efficient to run – it requires less maintenance support and software is consistently updated, providing additional ongoing savings.

Robert Marsden, Director at Myers Clark, said: “I have known GCI for over 30 years and have always been impressed with their commitment to technology and customer service. Our old system, installed by GCI 20 years ago, behaved brilliantly and was totally reliable. Myers Clark made a decision, during the recession, to expand and take advantage of new Cloud accounting technologies for its clients. Through this experience Myers Clark knew it needed a state-of-the-art Cloud telephone system, and we waited for the technology to emerge. Given the fantastic service received in the past, we asked GCI if we could be the first to receive this new system. I am delighted with its performance and with the smooth trouble-free way it was installed.”



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