Prospect Connect Case Study

Requirement: Microsoft Office 365

Prospect Connect asked GCI for a straightforward solution that would provide access to always up-to-date Office applications, online file storage and sharing, plus simple and secure remote access for all staff.

The Client

Prospect Connect is an integrated Sales and Marketing company that has supported companies in increasing their sales growth for the last 20 years. It currently employs around 80 people in its Contact Centre, plus a number of remote workers. The organisation has continually evolved, both in terms of employee numbers and its approach to remote working and customer collaboration, and Prospect Connect were therefore finding that its existing, outdated system was no longer supportive of its new working practices. Employees needed secure and easy access to their workloads whether they were based in the office or remotely, and the legacy IT infrastructure had not been built to enable this. Additionally, Prospect Connect’s staff often spent significant time on the road travelling to and from customer sites for short face-to-face meetings, and often needed to securely access documents whilst on the move. Not only did this lead to increased travel costs but the legacy system’s inability to support Remote Access resulted in employees struggling with different versions of documents and data saved locally on a variety of devices, which was leading to duplicated content. This was also the case for customer collaboration as emails back and forth created multiple local versions - an inefficient and timewasting procedure.

Technical Solution

GCI’s have a trusted partnership with Microsoft and had no hesitation in recommending the most competitive and applicable solution for Prospect Connect’s needs: Microsoft Office 365. Delivered via the Cloud, Office 365 offers access to always up-to-date Office applications as well as online file storage and sharing, with updates, patches and upgrades performed automatically in the background at no additional cost. This means that remote workers now have full access to the tools they need when they need them, increasing staff productivity and overall efficiency of the business. Employees’ devices are synced with their e-mail, calendar and contacts, and Instant Messaging and Presence provided by Skype for Business are included within Office 365, allowing staff to stay in contact at all times and offering insight into each other's availability – no matter where they are working. As a scalable programme, Office 365 is equipped to fully support the future growth of the company; as new staff join Prospect Connect, the company can simply add a new user, charged on a “per user, per month” basis.

Receiving real-time client feedback as quickly as possible is crucial for Prospect Connect, and Office 365’s Skype for Business platform also provides the company with access to IM, Voice and Video Calls with all customers, enabling greater productivity and communication. Additionally, OneDrive provides a simple and secure online storage solution which enables Prospect Connect to securely share information with customers. Office 365 also allows sharing of script tools and datasets with clients during campaign setup, which was previously accomplished inefficiently via back and forth emailing. The company is now able to do this instantaneously via shared Cloud access, getting the feedback it needs much faster.

Success and Company Benefits

Prospect Connect now benefits from a solution that is always up-to-date with no need for manual upgrades. Through the successful adoption of Office 365, the company now benefits from a more collaborative, flexible and secure working environment. Remote workers have full access to the tools they need when they need them, increasing productivity of employees and overall efficiency of the business. Additionally, Skype for Business has enabled Prospect Connect to deliver meetings remotely, reducing travel costs and allowing more investment in future projects and opportunities. Savings have also been seen simply due to transferring from their previous model to a far more efficient monthly user model, giving the company more flexibility in its budget.

Daryl Jones, Head of Client Services at Prospect Connect, said: “GCI’s expertise and knowhow in Cloud-based solutions enabled us to be safe in the knowledge that a company with their experience would offer us the solution that we needed. Our ongoing relationship with GCI makes us feel that we have all the support to make the most of the solution we now have.”



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