Prospect Union Case Study

Requirement: Skype for Business and Enghouse Contact Centre

Prospect Union instructed its IT provider and trusted Microsoft and Enghouse Interactive partner, GCI, to assist with a Unified Communications and Contact Centre solution to help drive greater efficiencies in collaboration and communication.

The Client

Prospect is the independent trade union for professionals, with 141,000 members spanning engineers, scientists, managers and specialists. It advises, defends and supports its members on various work-related issues - including career development, contracts of employment, pensions, performance pay, privatisation and company takeovers - and is headquartered in London, with additional offices across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

With a growing number of members to support, Prospect Union required a communications solution to replace a complex assortment of phone systems across 17 locations. The organisation’s 12 disparate phone systems meant that internal communications were challenging and could not support an integrated Contact Centre requirement. The Union had a longstanding relationship with GCI and asked its IT partner to assist a complete overhaul in its communications platforms, including replacing all legacy phone systems across all locations.

Technical Solution

GCI disposed of Prospect Union’s various legacy phone systems and installed a Microsoft Skype for Business solution for all 200 staff. This best-of-breed Unified Communications platform allows employees to collaborate quickly and easily irrespective of location, with users benefitting from Presence, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, document sharing and much more at the touch of a button. Skype for Business is also highly flexible and scalable, making rolling out the solution to new offices or staff members quick and easy as the company continues to grow.

The deployment of Skype for Business also paved the way for a cutting-edge Contact Centre solution based on Enghouse Interactive Communications Centre (EICC). This “out of the box” platform natively integrates with Skype for Business, ensuring that 25 expert staff can be assigned to a virtual Contact Centre to help its members as and when needed, offering quicker, more tailored answers and a more personal service. The service includes all the features needed in a virtual Contact Centre, including call queuing and routing. It also replaces a system of regional helpdesks and means that, instead of members calling the regional centre nearest to them, they get routed straight through to one of 25 specialists depending on the nature of their query. 

Success and Company Benefits

GCI’s Enghouse Contact Centre and Unified Communications solutions mean that Prospect Union now has a flexible and scalable communications platform, eliminating the requirement for multiple systems. Thanks to GCI’s advanced accreditations and wealth of experience with both Microsoft and Enghouse, the deployment was straightforward and non-disruptive to the Union’s day-to-day business. Best of all, it has already improved time efficiencies - not only allowing staff to help more members more quickly, but allowing them to concentrate on other work-related tasks and collaborate more easily than ever before.

Paul Xuereb, Head of Information and Website Systems at Prospect Union, said: “GCI has helped us transform the way we work. The previous combination of phone systems meant that internal communications were challenging, and we could not run an integrated Contact Centre. By deploying Skype for Business and Enghouse’s Contact Centre, it means that we have just one system that all our staff use. We think it will give our helpdesk staff 20% of their time back, and means they can work on other parts of their job when not on calls.”



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