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In the last few years, GCI have gone through some significant operational changes. We have already made massive steps forward by bringing a number of different companies, networks, teams and technologies together, and in 2018 we can now turn our focus on ensuring that we’re continually delivering service excellence.

During 2017 we made great strides forward in delivering effective target response and resolution SLAs, and we will continue to focus on strengthening our performance over the next 12 months. GCI’s operational focus is centred around our customers and our processes are designed to provide you with the most efficient and timely service, no matter the size and scope of the project. The team at GCI work under a program measured by operational excellence and continuous improvement to ensure we always deliver a first-class service.

 Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions but if you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us.


Within 48hrs of your order being accepted by GCI, a member of your dedicated Project Team will contact you to ensure we understand all your requirements and are aware of any constraints you may have. You will then receive updates on a weekly basis as a minimum.

On acceptance of your order, you will receive a Welcome Pack. This will contain details of the escalation process, as well as contact information for your Project Team leader, our Customer Relations Team and Head of Service Delivery.

You can contact the GCI Service Desk by calling 0844 4433538 or by emailing service.desk@gcicom.net.

A carrier may have to apply to the local council to provide traffic management whilst the carrier completes their external works. This is required to keep the engineers safe whilst they complete their installation.


We have the resources, flexibility and products to meet our customers’ time constraints. During your Project Kick Off meeting with the Provisioning team, you will be provided with a project timeline that will detail the key dates for your delivery.

Should the carrier site survey indicate that work is needed on private land, you may need to sign a Wayleave agreement. This gives the carrier written consent to carry out installation, maintenance and repairs on privately-owned land by the land owner. This is a legal document so delays in signing the Wayleave may have an impact on the delivery of the circuit; however, GCI have the capability to contingency plan for such delays.


Once your service agreement is passed to our billing department the invoice will be generated at the next bill run - typically the first week of every month. Should your service begin during this time, you will receive your first invoice the following month. This invoice will cover the handover date to the end of that current month, as well as the next month in advance. For example, if your service was billed on 12th January 2018, your first invoice would cover the remainder of January (19 days) and the entirety of February.

Where a survey is necessary (usually for fibre provisions) it could result in excess costs. This would typically be in locations where there is no existing fibre or ducting. If this is the case, lead times could be impacted and additional costs may occur. You have the right to cancel the order on receipt of ECCs, and GCI can discuss any other options available to you.

Your billing schedule will be detailed in your contract and can be agreed with your Account Manager prior to contractual sign off. We can amend the schedule at a later date on request.

We will always endeavour to provide as much notice as possible in order for customers to arrange site access. We do our best to provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.

Contingency planning is part of the provisioning process, and your Project Management team can provide advice accordingly. We can provision Satellite, 3G, 4G, DLOS and various other products at very short notice to help counter any delays, and also have a number of options available to fast-track products with various carriers.

GCI have over 225 technical experts with a wide variety of skillsets, enabling us to offer on-site or remote support in order to meet your needs. GCI can act as an extension of your IT department or even become your external IT team if required.

You will need to provide a Letter of Authority on your company’s headed paper. Your Account Manager can provide this where applicable. For more information, please see our Number Porting Guide below.


On acceptance of your Letter of Authority, GCI’s Porting Team will submit your order to BT. The lead time is 10 working days for single analogue numbers and for a multi-line the lead time will be 22 working days (based on the Letter of Authority being accepted).

You will receive a handover to our BAU Operational Support Team, who will deal with any incidents, problems and availability management in line with our ITIL framework. Our Service Desk will also be available to support you 24/7/365.

Business As Usual (BAU) is the phrase used to describe the next stage in our customer service lifecycle after a project is completed. How we support our customers in life is documented in our Customer Support Plan. The principle aim of this document is to introduce you to our Technical Support Desk and the teams that will support you in BAU, as well as act as a guide for all scenarios that you might encounter with GCI - from logging an incident through to change/problem management and request fulfilment.

You can request a copy of your Customer Support Plan by emailing service.desk@gcicom.net.

You can access any of the following Self-Install or User Guides by visiting the User Guides section in our Resources area:

  • GCI Service Delivery – Cisco 887
  • GCI Service Delivery – Cisco 891
  • GCI Service Delivery – Cisco 1941
  • Cisco 500 Series Handset
  • Panasonic TGP500
  • Polycom IP450 Handset
  • Polycom IP331 Handset
  • Polycom VVX400/410
  • Polycom VVX300/310

When requesting for a site or service to be ceased, GCI need to ensure that all information is captured correctly as this will ensure that the site is successfully removed from all our systems and your billing is amended accordingly. In order to achieve this you must complete a Customer Cease Request Form, which is available via the link below.

Please then email the form to gci.cease@gcicom.net, who will advise of any termination fees accordingly. 


A Cease Notification is an email sent directly to GCI advising of a customer’s request to move their broadband services to a new provider. The email is sent from your new service provider to GCI. GCI will then email you within 24 hours of receiving this notification, advising you how to confirm that you wish to move to a new provider, as well as how to cancel the Cease Request. If we do not hear back from you within 72 hours, we will cancel the Cease Request and your services will remain with GCI to ensure you have no interruption to your broadband service.

If you’ve changed your mind and would like to remain with GCI, just contact our Customer Services Team who will cancel the Cease Request for you. Please ensure you contact us within 72 hours of receiving your notification from GCI to ensure there is no disruption to your service.

Once your services have been ceased, you will be notified of the completion via email.

Whilst we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service to our customers, occasionally we may fall short of the high standards we wish to attain. If in any instance you need to make a complaint, you can assure we will take it extremely seriously.

We want to make this process as painless as possible and will therefore accept feedback by all forms of communication. GCI’s Complaint Team will respond to your complaint within 24 hours of it being received. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent through to you, and we will endeavour to resolve your complaint within ten working days of its receipt.

Should you wish to provide your feedback in the form of a letter, please send it to the address below:

Customer Relations
Global House
2 Crofton Close

You can also email complaints@gcicom.net, or call us on 0844 443 4433.