IT Service Furlough


Reduce Software Licensing Costs for Furloughed Staff to as little as £1 per month


As we all race to respond to the challenges of the Coronavirus epidemic, the UK Governments’ employment furloughing measures are providing welcome relief and protections for businesses and employees alike.

But as businesses furlough members of staff, there are additional cost-saving opportunities available, including through the temporary suspension of recurring software licenses. Of course, the option is there to simply terminate software licenses with vendors but there are many reasons why this may not be a smart approach, such as the risk of data loss or the loss of inbound email sent to furloughed email addresses etc.

GCI has developed an ‘IT Service Furlough’ package with the following features:

  • Optimises your software licensing environment so that your costs are reduced to the lowest possible point for furloughed individuals. 

  • Maintains critical services such as inbound email that can be accessed by non-furloughed colleagues (customer enquires etc).

  • Ensures that furloughed staff members are locked out of systems and services so that they cannot work when furloughed*.

  • Provides a certificate and audit trail that can be presented to HMRC or other parties to prove that furloughed employees did not have access to email or other systems and therefore were categorically furloughed and not working*.

  • Backs up email (and other data where required) for restoral post furlough.
  • .
     *UK Government furlough rules do not require you to lock furloughed staff out of systems or for licenses to be ceased.


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