Phishing Simulation


Do you think you and your staff would spot a suspicious email? Think again…

COVID-19 has captured the world’s attention on an unprecedented scale, and there’s hardly an industry or sector that hasn’t been affected by the rapid global spread of the pandemic.

Exploiting this crisis, hackers are redoubling their efforts to steal information or money from unsuspecting users, sending fake emails and text messages as bait, in a scheme known as phishing.

With a reported 80% of cyber-threats currently using COVID-19 as leverage, tactics include communications disguised as messages from the World Health Organization, supermarket chains, and drug pharmacies. In all cases, the objective is for an employee to provide their credentials, compromising not only their email account - but the integrity of the entire organisation. Critically, this triggers a 72-hour notification window to submit the breach to the ICO as part of GDPR, so organisations need to act quickly to avoid significant financial fines.

GCI’s Phishing Simulation Test


Standard Phishing simulation
Targeting up to 100 users GCI will send a selected phishing email template to employees to establish user behaviour and the likelihood of being fooled by a malicious threat actor.

Phishing awareness documentation
This advises users on how to be diligent before opening a suspicious email and provides real-life examples of what to look for.

Summary report
Provided on completion, the report will highlight the number of recipients who open the simulated phishing email with actionable recommendations.





Managed Security Service: Phishing Simulation Test




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