4 examples of how your business can conquer the connectivity challenge

Regardless of what sector your organisation operates in, providing connectivity quickly and efficiently to sites, especially green field, can takes weeks or potentially months to implement – time that you simply don’t have. 

26 November 2018

With GCI’s Rapid Network Deployment solution (RND) this challenge is a thing of the past, gifting you the ability to enable internet connectivity from any location in under 24 hours. To help you discover the features and benefits of RND in more detail, we thought we’d break it down into 4 examples of how different industries can utilise the service to great effect.

1. Construction: In construction, site connectivity is important but ordering fibre connectivity or FTTC takes months to implement and is very expensive. How do you enable high-speed, reliable connectivity in a timely fashion? With RND’s bonded 4G data network connectivity, your sites and staff can be online in under 24 hours, empowering your Project Managers to share project information securely and quickly whilst allowing you to meet strict deadlines from your clients. Furthermore, RND not only helps with one-off projects, it can also be utilised to support your long-term business strategy, with fully-portable equipment that can be moved from site to site to provide connectivity in minutes.

2. Retail: Stores are under increasing pressure to maximise return on investment and offer shoppers more engaging experiences with effortless payment methods. However, getting your stores online quickly and connecting them back to your warehouse management and EPOS systems can be a challenge, especially when you’re up against standard DSL connectivity lead times. GCI’s RND not only provides you with internet access, but also MPLS WAN connectivity to ensure your stores are connected to your core systems, helping you to meet time-sensitive opening deadlines. Once you’re up and running, maximising the availability of your EPOS systems is key, and RND helps you achieve this by combining 4G and DSL technologies to provide you with a true Disaster Recovery solution.

3. Events and exhibitions: While you’re focused on providing people with the best possible visitor experience, you face serious connectivity issues with people who want to capture every moment. By utilising high-speed 4G connectivity from multiple network carriers combined with Wi-Fi capability, Rapid Network Deployment enables you to offer internet access across the entire venue for your visitors and staff alike. You’ll be able to power applications which help your guests navigate the venue and enable EPOS displays for employees to take payments for merchandise and refreshments. Ultimately, whether your event is taking place at a green field site or in a city centre, RND keeps it connected.

4. Transport: Whether you’re transporting people or goods, keeping constant connectivity on the move can be critical. If you’re moving goods, you need real-time insights into where your network of vehicles is at all times, plus the guarantee that they are always connected regardless of where they travel. If you’re transporting people, you need to meet the ever-growing demands for fast and reliable connectivity to keep them productive during their journey. By combining multiple 4G networks, RND avoids issues with data blackspots thanks to its ability to draw data from a range of networks at the same time, enabling seamless connectivity for your customers or your logistics network.

When it comes to enabling Enterprise-grade internet and MPLS WAN access in under 24 hours with the added benefit of Disaster Recovery, look no further than GCI’s Rapid Network Deployment Solution. Want to discover how RND could transform your organisation? Trial a Rapid Network Deployment Proof of Concept at your site free for a month! To book, simply email us 

Author: Nigel Broomhall, Product Manager at GCI

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