5 Reasons why you should integrate your Contact Centre with Skype for Business

According to Gartner, 20% of all new Contact Centres will be based on Skype for Business by 2020. Why? Because we’re living in a revolution that’s driving a new approach to customer service.

17 October 2018

As the adoption of collaboration tools like Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams increases and businesses seek to extract added value, it’s only natural that we want these tools at the front-line of our organisations, adding extra intelligence and bringing our customers closer to our brands.

This is exactly where the Skype for Business Contact Centre comes into play. Designed to improve and streamline the Contact Centre experience for staff and customers alike, you can achieve Single-Service Resolution (SSR) by ensuring that every customer gets through to the correct person who has access to the right information. By combining Microsoft’s Skype for Business with GCI’s omni-channel Contact Centre powered by Enghouse Interactive, you can do just that. Here’s just 5 reasons why we think you should you should integrate your Contact Centre with Skype for Business:


  1. Extend agent communications beyond the traditional environment: By providing a collaborative platform for agents to communicate with other parts of the organisation, you enhance first-time resolution of customer queries and the effectiveness of your agents.

  2. Improving productivity: By deploying a single, streamlined communications interface within the Contact Centre, you are ensuring that everyone in the business is more informed and can gather information quicker, thus boosting their productivity levels.

  3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Skype for Business reduces the need for other telephony technologies within and outside the Contact Centre. Conferencing capability no longer needs specialist rooms or devices; agents can simply engage with customers and support staff in a seamless interface and escalate their IM conversation to a voice or video call if required.

  4. Flexible, low-cost devices: Skype for Business is supported by several manufacturers of handsets and headsets, enabling agents to pick their preferred communications device based on location and preference. You can connect your staff with customers seamlessly, regardless of where they choose to work.

  5. Mobility of communications: When you add Skype for Business to your Contact Centre, you expand your contact options far beyond voice. You can utilise Instant Messaging (IM) to check if a colleague is free to take a call before you transfer it to them, saving time and effort when customers have complex issues. You also gain the ability to Video Conference and Group Conference - helpful when handling issues where two agents may need to be present, or a document or screen needs to be shared to deliver a swift resolution to a customer’s problem using one platform.


If you’re looking to revolutionise your customer communication, look no further than the Skype for Business Contact Centre. Want to experience it for yourself? Book a free demonstration with one of our experts by emailing enquiries@gcicom.net.

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