5 ways SMS can help drive sales and create happier customers this Christmas

The Christmas period is fast approaching, which means its more important than ever to capture, engage and convert your prospects and customers into sales whilst differentiating yourselves from your competition.

29 November 2018

Obviously, not every business has the budget to showcase the rise of Elton John and his favourite piano, so you need to find innovative and cost-effective ways to get results. At GCI, one of the ways we help our clients achieve this is through our SMART Messenger platform; a scalable, web-based interface that allows you to build highly-sophisticated mobile marketing campaigns in minutes using SMS, MMS, mobile site creation or coupons.

We’re now a month away from Christmas and if you’re not using Mobile as part of your marketing strategy already, you might not be keeping up with your competition. Looking for a bit of inspiration to get you started? Here’s 5 ways your business can utilise SMS this Christmas:


  1. Notify your customers of special offers, low prices, instore sales and much more: The response rate for Mobile Marketing is high; in fact, the average text message is read within 90 seconds of hitting a handset, making it the number one channel for making purchasing decisions. With Christmas being a key time for huge discounts and special offers, let your audience know via a simple SMS or offer them a more visual and interactive experience with MMS by embedding imagery or driving them to your website. If you’re focused on retaining your existing customers, utilise SMS to notify them about your upcoming sale - before your competition has time to do the same - and provide them with extra special offers for their loyalty.


  2. Collection, delivery or service reminders: The Christmas period can cause havoc for people who are trying to order an abundance of presents, book appointments or plan activities for the kids whilst they’re off school. Use SMS as an appointment booking service, and to remind your customers of their appointment, or offer them up-to-date information on when their parcel will be delivered. To maximise the value, ask your customers to respond to your reminder or opt-in to receive useful marketing information going forward.


  3. Competitions: The act of giving and receiving forms a key part of Christmas, and SMS is a great way to gain instant engagement for a competition or an offer linked to a competition entry. Collect the data of your entrants by adding in a mobile web page as part of the sign-up process, and you’ll quickly discover that the expense of a prize is actually a very small investment when you get an army of engaged customers.


  4. Digital coupons and mobile gift cards: Digital coupons are a great way of distinguishing your message and creating a compelling reason for customers to take action and visit your stores. Simply customise your offer, write the copy, chose between a barcode, QR code or a simple digit-based number…and send! Digital coupons are also a great replacement for physical gift cards and mean that they can be redeemed just by scanning your mobile phone at the till.


  5. Increase your footfall: SMS Marketing is an effective way to drive more shoppers in to your brick and mortar stores, particularly during the Christmas period. Again, all you need is a compelling event like a free glass of champagne or a complimentary gift and a simple offer; for example, “Enjoy a glass of bubbly on us when you visit any of our stores between 7-9pm during our late night shopping hours .”


Potential customers are already beginning their quests for the perfect gifts, services and experiences. With 85% of shoppers highly likely to buy from brands that offer highly-personalised discounts, an engaging and timely message could be the difference between them paying a visit to you…or to your competition.

Want to learn more about how we can help you reach your audience? Throughout December we are offering a FREE Mobile Marketing health check for your business which will provide objective analysis of a user’s journey through your mobile lifecycle, recommending process improvements and a technical audit which will give you data driven analysis of your mobile marketing plan and how it compares to your competition. To claim yours, simply email enquiries@gcicom.net.

By Scott Threlfall,
Head of Messaging at GCI

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