Accessibility vs Security: why your mobile workforce is probably your business’ biggest threat

In the mobile-first, Cloud-first world that we live in today, we are always connected; always “on.”

25 October 2018

The pace of innovation and competition is faster than it is has ever been before, and it is only accelerating. But in most organisations, the speed at which we work is outpacing the technology we rely on. Businesses need to empower users to do more - wherever they go and no matter the device they choose - but security, compliance and manageability are not a tradeoff for productivity.

Mobile devices have transformed the world of work. This presents a massive opportunity for companies to embrace change and drive innovation to succeed in the evolving business and IT landscape. Your staff want the freedom to work anywhere, using a range of devices—whether personal or corporate— through which they expect easy and secure access to all their applications and data. The organisation’s challenge is considerable; empowering users, ensuring maximum productivity and keeping corporate data secure. Adding to the challenge, statistics show that a laptop is stolen or lost every 53 seconds and almost 5% of corporate mobile phones are lost every year. What makes it worse is that 70% of companies say they cannot be certain that their data is adequately secured when employees work remotely or on mobile devices. These stats highlight the bigger issue; indeed, it is reported that the number of Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) globally will grow almost threefold every year to 17 million by 2020

The challenge for businesses is to stop looking at the predicament as Accessibility vs Security, instead viewing it as a case of Accessibility and Security for your mobile workforce, retaining the protection and control needed to meet compliance and regulatory standards, maintaining company security policies and requirements, and detecting threats — all the while giving workers a better and more productive experience, so that they’re motivated to follow protocol.

But the issue is yet to be fully addressed, with 90% of security budgets still being spent on protecting the perimeter even though only 24% of today’s attacks target the firewall. The key is security for your mobile workers; secure the front door with authenticated single sign-on, secure your content with single-click protection, secure your devices with Mobile Device Management. This layered approach is key to protecting the entire organisation from the inside and out, making sure that the productivity gains from mobile working are not making your business an easy target for cybercrime.

So, how do you make it possible? For us, it’s via Microsoft 365. A complete security solution which features Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft 365 intelligently empowers your mobile workers with the ability to work seamlessly from any location whilst ensuring that your IT environment and data is safeguarded thanks to security that is identity-driven. Mobile Device Management also allows your IT team to wipe a device at the click of a button, and threat recognition and protection ensures your data is never exposed, regardless of where it resides.

It’s important to remember that security solutions are not a “one size fits all” process. At GCI, we work with you to define and deploy your requirements for identity management, mobile device and PC management, and Cloud-based file tracking, classification and encryption. We will also determine how your day-to-day support will be managed with a simple “per-user, per-month” charging structure. GCI looks after the specialist, complex management so that you don’t need to.

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Andrew Wild
Cloud Product Manager

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