‘The Modern Connected Workplace’: Bridging the gap using Microsoft Teams

Over the Easter break I was on annual leave, sitting in my RV, in the middle of a Norfolk field.

17 May 2019

Teams connected workplaceI had just had a relaxing breakfast and was thinking about going out for the day with my wife. The rest of my team were in work, lucky me!

An hour or so later, I received a message via the Microsoft Teams app on my iPhone, asking if I could quickly help on a presentation we were giving later in the week. So, after starting my Microsoft Surface, I joined a Teams call.

As the campsite Wi-Fi wasn’t perfect, I also joined the meeting with the Teams app on my iPhone, to ensure I had good voice connectivity into the meeting.

We were able to talk and share the presentation with perfect clarity of audio and video, and after about 15 minutes I could go back to my days leave.

The Connected Workplace

I wanted to write this post to highlight how easily Teams allows people to work from any location. In fact, I find myself increasingly using the Teams app on my iPhone to give me the flexibility to work and collaborate with colleagues and customers from anywhere I may be. As long as I have data connectivity, I can be productive, even in the middle of a field! But as I am constantly mobile this could also be from a client’s office, motorway service station, hotel room or whilst traveling.

I talk to many customers on a 1-to-1 basis or as part of larger groups at seminars and presentations and I’m still astounded by how hard it is for many organisations to facilitate the sort of working I take for granted.

Unify Your Communications

I have worked with Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) for about 10 years now. Over that time the functionality of UC has become arguably the single biggest reason why digital transformation has revolutionised the world of work. The ability to deploy UC has become so much easier too, and the economic savings made by deploying Microsoft 365 and Office365 are also significant when you begin to truly utilise the application (correctly and fully).

Change is constant, and any successful, modern working practice demands optimum use of time, budgets and resources. To that end, UC has become ‘the heart of delivering the modern connected workplace’.

"With Microsoft Teams, the conversation has changed. We are now able to achieve true collaboration!"

UC solutions can help organisations to communicate and collaborate more effectively via Instant Messaging, Audio and Video conferencing, across any device, anywhere, any time, and that includes full telephony features. However, with Microsoft Teams, the conversation has changed. We are now able to achieve true collaboration!

Teams includes all these UC elements (and more) via a single application - bringing chat, content, people and all the tools you need, together in one hub. Furthermore, as the service is run from Microsoft Cloud, key factors of success such as uptime, access, security and resilience, are all managed seamlessly and effortlessly for you. Simply put, with the right deployment of Microsoft Teams, productivity within the workplace can improve dramatically.

Embracing Transformational Change

But this is only one side of the story. Even with all this technology, I see some businesses lacking the right culture to embrace and foster change. When we run Teams Readiness Assessments , one area we investigate is a company’s culture and willingness to change. So, before we even get near a technology-based conversation, we ensure we understand why you want to change and what you want to achieve?

As one company I previously worked for said… “could you, would you, should you change?” Even with the best technical solution in the world, change can be a non-starter without the right mindset and people driving the process. But with the right communications and collaborations tools, change can be transformational.

Culture change is not easy and adopting a company-wide unified collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams isn’t either - but GCI are here to help. To discuss a Teams Readiness Assessment with one of our experts, simply email us at enquiries@gcicom.net and we’ll be in touch.

Author: Lyndon Evans – Microsoft Partner Director at GCI

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Teams Modern Workplace Readiness Product sheet

In order to successfully deploy Microsoft Teams and ensure that your business objectives are achieved, it is essential to focus on user adoption and change management.



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