“Digital transformation” – buzzwords or reality in the Public Sector?

“Digital transformation”. The phrase seems to underpin every conversation around organisational change and the subsequent adoption of technology these days.

5 March 2019

You will hear it muttered everywhere, from the corridors of central government right across to the operational nerve centres of provincial NHS Trusts. But what does it all mean? If “digital” is the means, and “transformation” is an end, what’s actually going on out there and - perhaps more importantly - who is making it happen?

Let’s look at local government organisations, for example. You don’t have to go back a long time to remember a world where technology was occasionally something civil servants would bring in from home. “Collaboration” was perhaps something that neighbouring authorities may agree to as a last resort cost saving exercise, and the Cloud was beginning to gather momentum but was still a long way from forming a central part of an organisation’s IT strategy. Fast forward to 2019 and the change has been breath-taking; no longer a late adopter, the Public Sector in the UK has become a cheerleader for technology and a catalyst for change. Central to this revolution is Microsoft, and integral to them is the concept of the Modern Workplace.

Creating the Modern Workplace is vital to any organisation that is looking to drive transformation. Inspiring employees, engaging customers, optimising operations and changing the very nature of the company’s products, services and business models are all essential. By bringing Microsoft technology and products together in experiences and solutions, organisations are rethinking how they can unlock value for employees and stakeholders. However, Microsoft cannot achieve this alone, and this is where Converged ICT Services Provider GCI comes in. Built on a rich heritage of Voice and Data Networking, GCI has quickly established itself as a key Microsoft Partner of choice to build the Modern Workplace. This metamorphosis into the digital world has seen GCI help dozens of major organisations transform, and the beating heart of this transformation has been an irresistible pull towards doing things differently. Change is inevitable; it’s the rate of change that will decide whether or not an organisation will prosper.

The Public Sector is facing a continually-changing set of employee expectations, a widening skills gap, more diverse and geographically-distributed teams, and an increasingly complex threat environment. These pressures require Public Sector organisations to have a responsive, modern workplace to meet their changing business needs, and they must now work on providing seamless communication, multi-device experiences and keeping assets safe with intelligent security. By adopting Microsoft 365 - which includes Office 365, Azure, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security – they can empower employees and present IT as a service. Microsoft 365 offers productivity and collaboration tools that support modern work styles and protect your business assets. Meanwhile, the deployment of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams completely changes the dynamic within an organisation and provides an infinite range of possibilities around interaction and communication. GCI can offer a unique range of solutions to harness Skype for Business, Teams and carrier-grade voice communications, and this capability will simplify and synergise the telephony environment and deliver a seamless user experience across the whole Microsoft ecosystem.

In most businesses work is achieved in teams, with a group of people coming together to solve a business problem with a common goal in mind. The focus has shifted away from “me-centric” work to “we-centric” work, where people form teams quickly, solve problems and are empowered to collaborate early, often and by default. With GCI, organisations can focus on creating experiences and services to help bring teams together, enable productivity and help drive “digital transformation”. There’s those buzzwords again - except they are where the Public Sector is headed. And I don’t think we’ll stop hearing them any time soon….at least not until we’ve all gone 100% digital.


Joe Murphy,
Head of Public Sector

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