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3 November 2016

The way businesses approach their IT has rapidly evolved over the past few years, attempting to keep pace with ever-increasing technological advancements. It can therefore prove challenging for even the most employee-centric company to attract and retain staff with the exact qualifications and experience that is required. Indeed, in 2014 a reported 38% of Enterprises looking for IT specialists had difficulty in recruiting and even when the perfect candidate is found, many employers simply don’t have the capacity to employ an expert to cover every IT specialism. Whether you’re a CIO, Head of IT, or a Finance or Operations Director, if you’re responsible for your firm’s IT this could lead to a sleepless night or two.

What’s keeping you awake?

In a poll this year, a reported 29% of CIOs find that they are taking on too many responsibilities in their role. And with the growing expectation for 24/7 availability, particularly for e-commerce businesses, it could mean an entire IT department working continuously is required. GCI work with a number of customers whose IT is an integral component of their business strategy, relying on their systems to be stable, efficient and secure round-the-clock. While they have talented in-house teams, skill gaps can occur – not to mention that it would take three members of staff working on rotation to provide round-the-clock cover! So if you’re lying awake at night feeling that your IT is exposed outside 9-5 office hours, consider a Managed Services provider that offers 24/7 support and monitoring instead of a dose of Nytol. They will be on call at 3am so you don’t have to be.

I often hear from prospective customers that love the idea of Managed Services, but are worried about staff morale, or that an external provider won’t understand their business needs. A good IT Managed Services provider will take the time to understand your exacting requirements and form a service contract based on your needs - not what they want to sell you - with the objective of developing the IT function to deliver maximum value to your business. An Outsourcing service is an excellent option if you have an existing team; the idea being that your provider will integrate seamlessly into your in-house department, with staff both on- and off-site, in order to provide extra support and impart knowledge of the latest technologies. If you combine this with 24/7 support and monitoring as mentioned previously, your IT will be covered round-the-clock by technical experts with the latest knowledge.

What are my next steps?

For the Enterprise looking to Outsource their IT, GCI’s IT Outsourcing Service is an ideal solution. The benefits are numerous; not only will working with GCI’s dedicated professionals further advance the knowledge base of current staff, but the 24/7 support and proactive monitoring provided by our Service Desk will leave you free to focus on your core business strategies. Additionally, for organisations with more exacting requirements a number of additional services can be included to offer an entirely bespoke service contract, including our Proactive Watchpoints - a scheduled set of maintenance tasks which highlight potential issues before they occur, reducing downtime and the related impact to your business and ensuring that you get the best out of your systems 100% of the time.
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