5 minutes with: GCI’s Voice Networks Product Manager, Nigel Broomhall

More and more, GCI are seeing cases where our customers need fast, reliable connectivity at short notice. But with installation lead times too long for many – or even completely impossible - customers are seeking a temporary measure to get them up-and-running.

5 March 2019

What is Rapid Network Deployment?

Put simply, Rapid Network Deployment (RND) is a portable device that offers Enterprise-grade connectivity on a temporary basis, virtually anywhere in the world! This means that your devices aren’t dependent on a physical or wireless connection to access the internet at your location, as the device acts as your gateway to the internet no matter where you are. It’s ideal for those who need to get their business online in a hurry, as a backup for your permanent connection, or for companies who move around a lot and need to take their connectivity with them.


How does it work?

RND combines multiple 4G and/or wired internet services from different carriers into a single high-performance virtual connection. It’s as straightforward as that! Intelligent packet-level distribution and same-IP failover ensures that application sessions are not dependant on the uptime of a single connection, meaning that it’s extremely resilient. This helps to protect the site network against the impact of a service provider outage, as well as reducing employee downtime. It’s also secure; customers can encrypt data traffic between sites using 128-bit or 256-bit encryption standards. Another clever feature is that as the solution hooks into GCI’s MPLS core, you can use two or more devices like a local network and easily yet securely share important files between sites.


Is it expensive?

When you consider the financial impact of businesses not having connectivity on a day-to-day basis, it feels like a bit of a no-brainer. Purchasing the device is the most cost-effective option, and also allows customers to move it from site to site on their own terms, or even use it as a failover resource for their primary connectivity. In the shorter term, the RND device can be rented and deployed in as little as 24 hours within Great Britain. That means that in an emergency the RND device could be with you the very next day, meaning you can continue to operate successfully. Not only that, but if you’re at a festival, pop up shop, exhibition, trade show or any other venue for a very short period of time, RND affords you the connectivity to take card payments to maximise your earnings or even offer Wi-Fi for your guests, encouraging them to stay around for longer. With monthly charges for as little as £128, the benefits you’ll get will negate the small expense, and it’s fully managed and maintained by GCI so you don’t need to worry about servicing. We will even pick up the equipment from one of your sites and move it to a new site when needed, storing it safely in the meantime if required.


Sounds good, but how does it measure up in the real world?

There are a number of GCI customers who have taken RND for a variety of reasons. For instance, the Crescent Racing Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team have a unit that they take all over the world, meaning that their connectivity can move with them wherever they are racing or testing. This is vital for the team; even a tenth of a second matters, so robust and reliable communications are needed to help them achieve this.

Additionally, VINCI Construction UK needed a solution that would afford them high-performance connectivity on a temporary basis on its sites. A perfect example is when GCI provided a RND device at VINCI’s site at the Trafford Centre for 5 weeks, and was used for connectivity before the permanent, wireless point-to-point connection was installed. The solution worked so well for VINCI that the company purchased a second device, currently being used on a construction site in Bristol while broadband connectivity is being installed. “The Rapid Network Deployment device has solved our short-term connectivity needs and offers the flexibility to take internet access with us as we move from site to site,” said Ben Paddick, IT Director at VINCI Construction UK.

It’s easy to see how Rapid Network Deployment has a multitude of use cases, and why more and more of GCI’s customers are finding it an essential connectivity tool. Want to know more? Contact us for a complimentary demonstration of how Rapid Network Deployment could work for you. Simply email enquiries@gcicom.net and we’ll be in touch.

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