Is it time to change your business climate?

With such a long hot summer in 2018, it’s easy to forget that not a couple of months before, the “Beast from the East” hit our shores. 

28 January 2019

However, experts are now reporting that it’s due to make a return; this time with more ferocity and for a longer period of time, with bookies even cutting the odds that this month will end as the coldest January on record!

Everyone remembers the difficulties faced last year from road delays and product shortages to power outages and loss of revenue, not to mention the numbers of employees who couldn’t make it into the office. Exasperated messages of “I can’t get to the office; I’m snowed in”, “school is shut because of the weather” and “sorry we couldn’t get back to you - we had to shut the office” were no doubt received in every business. But now we know that the next round of the arctic blast is making its way towards us, we can better prepare. So how prepared is your business?

According to The Guardian, freezing weather costs the UK economy £1 billion a day, and the cost associated with the temperature being just 1 degree below the average minimum temperature is £191 million per quarter for businesses in the professional services sector. With numbers like that, you can see how important it is to have flexibility in your working environment. A few hours of snow and over 50% of your workforce - if not more - cannot work.


Why you need Unified Communications to calm the storm

When we talk about flexibility, we’re talking about Unified Communications solutions that enable your business survive the Beast, and indeed any other act of nature. Whether its rain, snow, sleet or hail, Unified Communications (UC) solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business keep your business ticking, whatever the weather. Unlike many other VoIP systems, which require complex VPN setups for their external phones, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business enable your employees to roam outside the office and simply plug into a home or alternative network, delivering resilient collaboration and communication from wherever they are.

Your business needs a solution that is flexible enough to support the lot.  Why risk your employees’ safety or the health of your business when the roads are dangerous due to bad weather? With Teams and Skype for Business, there’s no need to have your workforce or your business suffer – just take your phones and work home and be as productive you would be in the office. Your employees will appreciate the flexibility and your customers will appreciate your ability to remain available for them during bad weather.

With the help of UC, you can work safe and work anywhere. Book a complimentary consultation to discover how solutions like Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business can transform the way your employees work, whatever the weather conditions. To book, simply email or call us on 0844 443 4433.

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