Is your infrastructure off course?

With the adoption of Cloud Computing increasing in momentum, some may think an on-premise IT Infrastructure is a backwards step. Whilst the benefits of Cloud are numerous, it isn’t a suitable solution for everyone; for instance, those with very large datasets may find a tangible storage system preferable to one that is Cloud-based.

14 September 2016

But given the vast expenditure that can go into your IT Infrastructure, how can you be sure that you are implementing the best technologies and efficient services based on your business strategy? It’s actually more straightforward than you might think.

GCI have worked on a number of IT projects with household names, such as Sunseeker and Yamaha, who have all had one thing in common; they have all required guidance on the suitability of their infrastructure, and have subsequently opted for an Infrastructure Review. An Infrastructure Review from GCI provides a 360° view of the IT environment, maps the results against industry best practice standards and highlights any existing problem areas within your IT, specifically focusing on three key areas: risks to your business, performance and availability shortfalls, and potential Network development opportunities to allow your business to meet its strategic goals. With over 20 years’ industry experience and longstanding partnerships with some of the world’s greatest IT vendors, including Microsoft, Dell EMC and Citrix, GCI are able to provide impartial advice on the best products and services available. This in-depth approach ensures that attention is paid to the smallest details, and that customers receive a well-rounded, comprehensive report.

Many of our most notable projects have begun with an initial review, and in the case of our decade-long partnership with global luxury motoryacht manufacturer Sunseeker, the solutions provided following their first Infrastructure Review were so well received that they selected us for their second infrastructure refresh, seven years after their first. As a company with such integral values of excellence, it was imperative for Sunseeker that GCI took the time to listen and understand their business focus and requirements for sustainability and growth in order to offer impartial, expert advice based on their individual business requirements. After recommendations based on the results of the Infrastructure Review, GCI became the first company in the UK to virtualise SAP on Sunseeker’s behalf. The initial virtualised IT infrastructure implemented worked very well and provided an excellent Return on Investment, and GCI have further supported Sunseeker by providing an extension to their in-house IT department and providing a Fully-Managed IT Service for their network.

Another customer who found the recommendations outlined in our Infrastructure Review invaluable were Crescent Yamaha WorldSBK. Paul Denning, owner of Crescent Racing said: “Our review with GCI highlighted existing problem areas which we hadn’t known how to fix. Our consultant provided impartial advice on the best products and services needed to address the issues, resulting in far smoother day-to-day operations.”

For organisations whose IT is critical to their business, an Infrastructure Review with one of GCI’s expert consultants is an obvious necessity. Find out more here, or contact us at

Richard Cook


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