Looking at Skype for Business or Teams? Choose your devices carefully.

The modern workforce is now more diverse than ever and, with a wide range of different user preferences identifying the correct devices, is arguably one of the most critical steps of an organisation’s Unified Communications adoption strategy. 

6 December 2018

To help you on your mission, we’ve drawn on the expertise of Ian Brindle, Head of UC Device Sales at Nimans; a GCI partner and the UK’s leading telecommunications and data distribution specialist for headsets, audio conferencing units and integrated systems.

Q: When it comes to solutions like Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, why is it so important to get the device piece right? 

A: It’s essential to get this right to drive adoption. When you are putting new technology into a business environment, it’s vital to deliver digital transformation and the device used is one of the most important components to ensure optimum overall performance. The wrong endpoint can significantly undermine everything, and the main challenge is to drive adoption otherwise people will stop using the technology altogether.

Q: How do you go about recommending what device is right for multiple people in an organisation?

A: The best way to do this is through product workshops and proof of concept samples, letting users get “hands on” with an array of devices and allowing them to choose their preference instead of a mass rollout. We offer these sessions at Nimans, and through the feedback we’ve accrued over the years we know that the most appropriate devices are always chosen by the users, ensuring you provide the right devices in the right areas.
Q: What’s the number one thing a business should consider when they are choosing between a headset or a desk phone?

A: The job role and the day-to-day working of an individual is the number one consideration when it comes to devices. It could be that some people require both a headset and a desk phone. Whilst office-based users will benefit from better functionality with a desk phone, when they are out and about a headset wins hands down; however, certain users may opt for a headset even if they are based in the office all the time. This showcases just how vital the investigation piece is as there are no simple profiles when it comes to enabling user adoption that delivers a true return on investment. This flexibility is vital and enables your users with the freedom to be mobile whenever they need to be.

It’s important to remember that in today’s world a device is way more than a desk phone or headset. At GCI, we use iPhones, Android devices, tablets, MacBooks, laptops, smart watches and more - all of which offer different ways in which to communicate and collaborate. Another key factor of this is that your people rarely just use one; indeed, this is backed by Strategy Analytics, who note that the number of devices per person will hit 4.3 by 2020. 

If your organisation is looking at Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams and wants to experience all of the devices available to you, book a free product workshop with GCI and Nimans by emailing us at enquiries@gcicom.net with the dates that suit you.

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