Mobile marketing: the secret to increasing customer loyalty

Consumers today are accustomed to and demand the world at their fingertips.

13 December 2018

Whether it’s information, price comparison or entertainment on the go, it’s fast becoming the norm for consumers to complete a purchase in a different channel to the one they started with. In fact, research from nchannel states that 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores. Your challenge as a retailer or service provider is to offer a joined-up experience which will allow you to capture these “omni-channel” customers and build rapport with them to ensure they don’t go elsewhere in the future.


The market shift and loyalty scheme dilemma

The last five years have seen a dramatic shift away from PCs in favour of mobile devices and tablets as the primary vehicle for internet usage. However, as more and more companies take a “mobile first” approach and successfully launch services that take full advantage of the capabilities of mobile, we can expect to see more consumers jump on the bandwagon. Of course, many companies already offer their consumers an account (generally online) with offers that can be spent or redeemed across multiple businesses in different sectors. The problem with a lot of these is that they are generally “plastic card” reward schemes, making it difficult for the brand to stand out from the crowd with their own unique identity or to understand who these customers truly are.


Mobile marketing

Watch Scott Threlfall share his views on what the future of Mobile Marketing looks like.

Building customer loyalty in a mobile world

Building a mobile-driven loyalty scheme should never be looked at as “build it and they will come”; it’s essential that you communicate exactly why someone should sign up to your scheme and what’s in it for them. The answer is to keep them engaged and knowledgeable about your brand, the scheme, and the rewards and offers they can expect to take advantage of on a regular basis. This is where you need to invest in a “cross-channel experience” for all your customers, keeping them informed and engaged regardless of the medium they use. Furthermore, it’s no good using a “spray and pray” approach to your communications; you need to contact your audiences at the right time, offering them something that they want, when they need it (for instance, reductions on the price of sunglasses throughout June, July and August). But to do this, having a good understanding of your data is essential.

For us, there is no better channel than Mobile to build customer loyalty. Your shoppers expect quick, seamless customer experiences that cross the divide between brick and mortar stores and web-based environments, and that’s exactly what mobile marketing delivers. You capture people’s interest with offers and rewards that are highly targeted, time specific and easy to redeem. So how can you achieve this? With GCI’s SMART Messenger platform, you can deliver Coupons straight to your consumers’ mobile devices that are redeemable in-store. The Coupons can also be personalised, enabling you to choose the way someone redeems the voucher, set a limit on how much time they have to redeem it, and decide how many people can redeem each offer. This customisation means you can run limited-time/amount campaigns which are proven to really engage audiences, generating the “I need to redeem this right now otherwise I’ll miss out” reaction. Our platform also delivers real-time reporting, allowing you to track engagement and check delivery rates, triggering follow-up messages to help people make the most of your offer.

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Author: Scott Threlfall – Head of Mobile at GCI

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