Private Sky - the advantages of Private Cloud over Public

Microsoft Office 365 customers worldwide might have logged in on 3rd December 2015 expecting to use their Cloud-hosted services, only to experience a server outage. As a Public Cloud Platform, this could affect a great number of people hoping to log in to their portal, including those trying to access CRM Online.

11 March 2016

Many large organisations, such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon have a Public Cloud offering, providing companies with a number of services including email, web servers and apps, as well as storing great amounts of data.

While there are inarguably a number of benefits in Public Cloud Computing, at GCI we have great confidence in our Private Cloud Platform having heavily invested in Cloud technologies. With GCI, you benefit from a solution built with best-of-breed technologies from world-leading vendors such as EMC, Microsoft, HP and Cisco, but with an infrastructure owned and managed in the UK. This means that while many of the advantages of a Public Cloud Platform are still present, you can also benefit from increased control and customisation, specific to your business requirements.

So what are the factors involved that make a Private Cloud Platform more appealing than Public?


A Public Cloud Platform is, unsurprisingly, hosted on a network that is available for use to the public. A large, high-profile Public Cloud Platform can be an obvious target for cyber-attacks and, should these servers fail, the number of users affected could be extremely high; indeed the aforementioned outage of Microsoft O365 affected users globally. Offering a smaller, dedicated service within a Private Cloud Platform allows GCI to retain far more control over the system’s operations, and can react quickly in the unlikely event that a server fails. It also provides the ability to communicate updates to customers quickly and efficiently, whereas with large Public Platforms it becomes increasingly difficult to keep all customers in the loop.


When using a Public Cloud Platform, your security options are determined by the provider and will be the same for all users. GCI’s Private Cloud Platform is supported by industry-leading security software in addition to the expert security features in the Vodafone datacentre in which customers’ data is hosted. Boasting Tier 3 facilities, this is one of only a handful of List X datacentres, which is also compliant with ISO 27001 for security and ISO 9001 for process; ideal for customers governed by data protection legislation who find internationally-hosted platforms unusable. Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) with backup diesel generators, fingerprint access and 24/7 CCTV are also present, ensuring maximum security, resilience and failover.


Public Cloud Platforms provide a rigid, “one-size-fits-all” solution; not so with Private Cloud. With a single client on the Cloud Platform, Private Networks can be scaled up or down whenever necessary, ensuring total flexibility for the customer. We recognise that different clients have different requirements; as such our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform offers customers the opportunity to build an infrastructure on their own terms. A simple, four-tiered service exists, to which customers can select and add different components, depending on their needs; a huge advantage for clients who don’t want to sacrifice control over their infrastructure.


Public Cloud Platforms are often seen as the most cost-effective solution, with SMEs feeling like they are priced out of Private Cloud Platforms. However, with Pay-as-you-Go options available, you only pay for the services you require in one monthly fixed cost; price-sensitivity need no longer be a concern. GCI’s competitive tier system for IaaS also means that core services can be selected so your solution doesn’t involve features that you just don’t use, again with the malleability to add different options from our Service Catalogue if and when the need arises.

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Kelvin Papp
Product Manager

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