Ready, set, go; getting ready for cultural change and the adoption of Microsoft Teams

"Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success”
- Henry Ford


20 March 2019

Getting different people collaborating effectively isn’t always easy. In today’s modern world we have generations in the workplace that work and communicate differently, and when you add in conference calls, ad hoc meetings and individual work objectives, it’s easy to see that getting teams to work together when they have different priorities can be a challenge.

Creating a cultural change and adopting new technologies such as Microsoft Teams can help. But ask yourself, is your business ready? Is your technology ready? And, importantly, are your users ready? Changing the internal culture is a major barrier to digital transformation; one which many organisations try to ignore. Businesses and their leaders must seed cultural changes that start to shift towards a digital culture—one that is agile and collaborative, bringing people and their disparate priorities together. Without addressing the human element, any digital transformation will either struggle to get off the ground, slow down or stop altogether when trying to achieve scale.

Whilst there is no doubt that Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool – released to great fanfare in 2017 – there is still some resistance from businesses who are not sure if their way of working will suit this adoption. In response to this, GCI has developed three workshops designed to ensure that your digital adoption is fit, agile and cost-effective:

  • Business Readiness Assessment
    Understanding your current and future strategy is a key step in enabling your vision of flexible and agile working. This assessment highlights your business challenges, qualifies the fit of new technology and identifies the areas for change. It will be an in-depth analysis to understand your current business strategy, your technology stack, current projects and integration work with the objectives of establishing high-level business and technology strategies, culminating in an agreed roadmap.

  • User Readiness Assessment
    The holy grail of any successful technology deployment is ensuring a strategy is in place that will encompass cultural Change Management. This assessment will examine your employees’ skills and their propensity to adapt and change, as well as what training might be needed and what Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Plans should be put in place and the success metrics to measure against.

  • Technical Assessment
    Remove the fear of unreliable connectivity and communication. This assessment will test your organisation’s current network to check that it has the capacity and quality to support implementation of a new technology, ensuring that the technology needed to adopt digital change is fit for purpose. This will result in recommendations and a high-level design of any proposed improvements to your infrastructure.

Culture change is not easy and adopting a company-wide unified collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams isn’t either - but GCI are here to help. To discuss a Teams Readiness Assessment with one of our experts, simply email us at and we’ll be in touch.

Author: Andrew Wild - Cloud Product Manager at GCI

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