The Top 10 Tools of Microsoft Office 365

At GCI, we think when it comes to the communication and productivity tools that underpin your whole business, being up-to-date with the latest technologies can give you the best possible competitive advantage.

13 June 2017

For example, you can securely empower your users, improve productivity, enhance teamwork and reduce IT costs. But when it comes to your servers, it’s not enough to have something that works “fine”. As a leading IT Services and Solutions company, we are acutely aware that technological advances are such that if you don’t keep up-to-date, you get left behind.

There are many obvious benefits to migrating to Microsoft Office 365; for example, you will have access to the latest versions of email and programs like Word and Excel. However, there are many lesser known features that will help you build a business case for making the switch, and Blue Chip can help you make the most of them. Here's our picks for the top 10 tools, apps and software available in Office 365.

1) Skype for Business

With Skype for Business, you can have video conferences with up to 250 people at a time. You are able to talk to customers around the world without the time and expense of travelling to them in person, and can set up secure meetings on any device as easily as you could on your desktop computer.

2) OneDrive

OneDrive is a Cloud storage service which gives access to your files on-the-go. Working on- or offline, you can sync files to any device so your team members can access the most up-to-date files, never an outdated version. It also provides backup against the threat of Ransomware and other viruses; even in the event of infection, users can still access files in the Cloud.

3) OneNote

OneNote is a digital notebook which allows you to write, scribble or even doodle your thoughts. You can also draw, store pictures and save voice recordings across all devices. But this is not just a repackaged version of Word - OneNote lets you create in your own way.

4) Web/Mobile Apps

With Office 365, you can access the latest versions of familiar Microsoft applications, anywhere and at any time,, without having to download them.  Make the world your workplace; simply log in with your Microsoft ID to access the latest versions of applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint

5) Microsoft Teams 

These days it’s no longer necessary to be in the office to stay in touch with your team. With Microsoft Teams acting as a private social network and chat room for your business, you‘ll never miss  the latest business developments.. You can also use Skype for face-to-face chats with colleagues.

6) Power BI 

Power BI is a visualisation tool for business intelligence. It pulls in data from different sources, including online apps like Google Analytics, data stored in Excel spreadsheets and SQL Server databases. Just type in the required information and it will appear; for example, simply search for ‘monthly sales by category’ and it will appear as a pre-formatted chart. 

7) Sway

Sway is a storytelling app which suggests relevant images, videos, tweets and other content you can easily drag into your presentation. It works securely across devices, allowing collaboration between co-workers by simply sharing a link.

 8) Planner

With Planner, you can build a team, assign tasks and update workflow status. You can keep organised by putting tasks on the board and updating their progress by dragging and dropping between columns of completion. With this application, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on.

9) SharePoint

SharePoint is a Cloud-hosted intranet website which improves teamwork by letting you create private websites for personal and shared team use, containing up to 25TB of data. The application itself links into other Office 365 applications such as Planner, allowing for more coherent collaboration.

10) Support for Office 365 users

With your subscription to Office 365, you have access to a global network of experts with knowledge of productivity and collaboration tools, with assistance ranging from self-help troubleshooting to technical and pre-sales support. When combined with the support on migration, integration and ongoing support available from Blue Chip, you can be confident that deployment will go smoothly and your staff will be taking advantage of all the productivity-enhancing features of Office 365.

When it comes to investing in business technology, it’s natural that you want the best value for your money. Implementing Office 365 with our help can provide real change and improvement for your business. Want to know more? Get in touch at

Kelvin Papp

Product Manager

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