Why online learning is the way forward for user adoption

Every new technology and update brings with it new functionalities to facilitate communication, collaboration and sharing. 

25 October 2018

However, mastering all these features quickly and knowing how to use them effectively is not straightforward, often leading to a state of resistance in companies and the minds of your users. This has been proven in a survey from Jabra who found that the biggest challenges holding people back were inadequate training, opposition to giving up established tools and resistance to giving up existing ways of working.

The reality is that we live in a time where we need these technologies to drive our businesses forward. But just implementing a leading solution is not a silver bullet; your people need to be able to quickly develop the confidence and knowledge of using these platforms in an ever-evolving modern workplace. What’s more prominent is that Microsoft released 450 Office 365 updates in 2015 and haven’t slowed down since, with the introduction of Microsoft Teams in September 2017 that will only see the yearly update figure increase.

With so many developments to keep up with, it’s just not feasible to push people into a classroom every month for an hour-long lecture about what’s new. Adding to this, many may shy away from raising their hand to ask the questions that might make our life a lot easier. Clearly, a solution is required that does not leave users fending for themselves to learn new ways of working and supports all the skillsets and diverse learning preferences in your business.

What’s the answer?

At GCI, we believe its online learning via a platform that we’ve called UCversity. UCversity is specifically designed to help end users quickly discover the benefits and uses of Skype for Business, Teams and Office 365. It gives you the ability to put relevant learning at your teams’ fingertips, allowing individuals to quickly learn what they need when they need to, transforming how they utilise tools like Skype for Business and Office 365 for communication and collaboration with minimal downtime to your business.

Encouraging people to learn at a time that suits them, UCversity delivers interactive content by combining learning via bite-sized videos, use cases, online training courses and a Yammer Q&A community – ultimately enabling continuous learning and a workforce who is empowered by the technologies of today.

Furthermore, when you introduce an e-learning platform you also gain insights and analytics, allowing you to see which users are engaging with the most content and obtaining badges and points through the gamification modules, as well as potentially which users need more support or additional training in a 1-2-1 session.

It’s important to remember that user adoption is a multi-pronged approach, not a quick fix. You need a learning platform that is adaptable to individual needs and requirements, helping your business drive cultural change and accelerate adoption to truly empower people to do their best work with the best tools.  

If you’re looking to help your staff be confident in the use of technologies like Skype for Business and Office 365 through online learning, book a complimentary demonstration of our UCversity platform by emailing enquiries@gcicom.net.

Ruan Kent
End User Adoption Consultant

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