Why you'll love Veeam 9.5 with Cloud Connect from GCI

Veeam has had us all excited recently thanks to a couple of notable releases – version 9.5 in November 2016, and more recently the eagerly anticipated “Update 1”; adding support for vSphere 6.5. Despite “just” being a .5 release rather than a full version update, there are some notable new features we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight.

7 February 2017

We’re also pleased to report (now that we’re a few months in) that as ever with Veeam, the transition from older versions is a smooth one. All in all, a welcome release that many of you will be (or should be!) itching to roll out…

Veeam Cloud Connect

Whilst not specifically associated with 9.5, Cloud Connect is a worthy point to note that’s been further enhanced with some of the new and improved functionality that is in these recent releases. Possibly one of the most important features added to Veeam in recent years, Cloud Connect is all about helping those organisations who struggle with off-site backup to address compliance and regulatory needs by automating the replication of backup data off site.

Many off-site, Cloud-based backup solutions are delivered by replacing traditional backup technologies like Veeam, and are seen as a step backwards by some. Veeam has long been held as the market leader for the backup of virtualised workloads, not just because of its core Backup & Replication capability, but due to advanced features like SureBackup® / SureReplica®, sandboxing, and storage integration. These features are hard to sacrifice by those needing to achieve off-site backup capability and long term retention, but who are unable to do so without engaging a service provider (and are similarly costly / complex to maintain in parallel).

Cloud Connect allows you to leverage native copy job functionality in Veeam to replicate backup sets to Cloud-based, service provider-maintained storage repositories. Data is encrypted and transferred securely to high-capacity, low-cost storage and retained subject to configurable retention policies. As a Cloud Connect partner, GCI provide this service which is underpinned by geo-redundant repositories hosted across 6 storage nodes housed in Uxbridge, Leeds and Poole, built on Scality RING technology. We’re excited to be able to offer this, and for the opportunity it presents to those customers of ours who are making use of Veeam.

Windows Server 2016 support

We’re also pleased to note that 9.5 has added support for Windows Server 2016, with many of the features written specifically with this OS in mind and deep integration available out of the box. As an example, advanced ReFS integration can significantly reduce the backup capacity required when dealing with synthetic full backups (a saving of 30%-60% quoted by Veeam), there’s support for Nano Server and Storage Spaces, and Resilient Change Tracking which can deliver even faster backup times than are seen with traditional Change Block Tracking (CBT) that many of us know and love…

In combination with some of the other less notable enhancements in 9.5 - covering Enterprise Scalability, enhancements to backup and restore performance, restore speeds of large VMs and reduced loads on primary and backup storage - you have a strong case for moving or migrating to Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 sooner rather than later. Naturally it’s a free upgrade to those of you with a current support agreement, and we would be happy to discuss the process or support you with the transition directly.

For more information on how Veeam v9.5 can benefit your business, please contact us on enquiries@gcicom.net.

Kelvin Papp

Product Manager

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