Your consumers' relationships with their Smartphones

Think about your relationship to your mobile phone, and how it’s changed from when you first used one to the smartphone devices we have today.

5 July 2018

There will be some immediate words that spring to mind:

Personal - Our phone belongs to us, our personal information lives inside them and we give it to people who we want to talk to. 
Instant – The ability to communicate with anyone at the touch of a button that makes our relationship with our phone one of necessity. 
Engaging - Our mobile devices are packed with applications and functions that unlock a whole new level of engagement amongst their users.
Addictive - We rely on our mobile phone for work, pleasure, gaming, social media and much more. It’s the first thing we pick up in the morning and most likely the last at night.

It’s no coincidence that 98% of SMS messages are opened within 30 seconds of the message landing and, depending on the content within the message, Call to Action (CTA) rates can be as high as 28% on first opens. For the savvy marketer, SMS is the most effective and fastest way to engage with your customers post-purchase. Plus, using a partner like GCI - who delivers over 20 million messages every month, with a 99.8% gateway uptime in 2017 - means you’ll always be able to reach your audience.

Case in point

The modern consumer may not want to carry around their plastic loyalty card with them or try and remember where they put their key card for their hotel room, but they will always have their mobile phone with them. As this attitude continues to become the norm, we are seeing a significant increase in the amount of businesses using SMS technology to confirm appointments, arrange coupons for dissatisfied customers and send maintenance reports to tenants.

Of course, there is one factor that determines if SMS becomes a primary channel with your customers or if it becomes an add-on form of contact, used only sparingly. You need to ask yourself “are my mobile communications via SMS, MMS or coupons acquired, retained and delivered in a seamless manner?” To understand this better, let’s take a simple example from the Retail sector.

A customer visits a brand’s website and places an order. The customer must give their mobile number as part of the order process, even though they may or may not opt in for Marketing messages from your business. In a seamless world, the customer would get a message instantly to their handset to thank them for shopping with you, and then to tell them their order has been created in the warehouse and when they can expect to receive it. Then, as the customer waits for the delivery to arrive they get regular automated text messages from the delivery team, advising them when they will get their package. If the package isn’t delivered on time or if there is something wrong with it, Customer Services can log in to CRM and automatically trigger a simple coupon or voucher code to hit the customers handset which gives the ability for them to get a discount online (via a code) or instore.

Utilising SMS messaging services such as GCI’s SMART Messenger you also have access to a built-in reporting system, enabling you to see whether a message is sent, delivered, failed or pending. If you add a link or a CTA into your message you can even track opens too. If your coupon is redeemable at your till point (EPOS), then you can track the whole process from initial contact through to the customer using the coupon at the till, giving you a plethora of information and statistics that enable you to understand your customer lifecycle far better and quicker than via online and email channels.

The above is just one of many ways GCI’s SMS services can bring a brand and its consumers closer. But the recurring theme remains - it’s seamless. You’ve utilised a personal relationship a consumer has with their handset to communicate instantly and offer engaging content to satisfy their needs. When done well you gain trust and brand advocacy but do it poorly and your customers lose faith with your service and think twice about engaging with you in the future.

Taking the next step

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your business want to make the most out of its Mobile Marketing?
  • Do you want to seamlessly integrate your Mobile Channel into your business?
  • Are you looking at digital transformation across your Call Centre and Customer Services?

  • If your answer to any of those questions was “yes”, then it might be time you explored how SMS could have a massive impact on your business and on your Customer Service model.

    We’d love an opportunity to discuss some of the options that are available to you in more detail, so why not make contact with us today? Book your complimentary, no-obligation consultation by emailing or calling 0844 443 4433.

    Scott Threlfall

    Head of Mobile

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