Microsoft Teams Series: Webinar 2 - Optimizing security and governance with Modality’s CreateTeam

Thursday 5th March 2020 | WEBINAR

Thursday 5th March 2020
09:30 - 10:00


Who should attend: Business and IT Leaders, Technical Decision Makers, and IT Managers, in addition to organisations using Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, or those interested in increasing collaboration while maintaining security and governance.

Hailed as a critical enabler to collaborative working, Microsoft Teams has seen huge success within two years of launching with 91 of the Fortune 100 businesses adopting it. However, many organisations have a multitude of questions about the technology and its deployment.

As the number one global provider of Microsoft Communication and Collaboration tools, Modality Systems, a GCI Group company, invites you to attend our webinar series designed to answer your questions, guiding you through the complexities associated with adopting collaborative technologies. We’ll look at the software and services available to support you, wherever you are on your journey to Teams.

About this webinar:

For organisations that wish to empower their users but retain the right amount of control and governance, CreateTeam provides a standardised approach to Teams creation whilst retaining the self-service flexibility of Microsoft Teams. In this webinar, learn how to promote security, enhance user adoption, contain sprawl, and enhance compliance within your organisation.


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Tom Scott

Tom Scott - Product Manager at Modality Systems

I am a Product Manager at Modality Systems, specialising in global end to end product lifecycle management of user facing software applications. I have a strong aptitude for technology and am always looking to deliver products with clear, relevant, value propositions that accurately address customers’ business requirements.

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