GCI to deploy cutting-edge 400 seat Contact Centre at Animal Friends

One of the UK’s largest pet insurers to benefit from better reporting and compliance capabilities

21 October 2019

Leading ICT Services Provider GCI has today announced it will deploy a modern, cutting-edge Contact Centre for 400 users at Animal Friends, one of the largest pet insurers in the UK. GCI beat nine other companies to the contract which will see it replace a legacy Contact Centre with a modern Cloud-based operation using Microsoft Skype for Business, Enghouse Interactive and call recording via Verint’s Verba solution.

The win is the latest in a series of IT projects which GCI has completed at Animal Friends. Last year, the technology provider completed an IT refresh, introducing Microsoft 365, a Cloud-powered productivity service incorporating Office 365, Windows 10 and security. This has made the insurer more agile and transitioned key systems to the public cloud. Employees at Animal Friends have already been using some of the features of Skype for Business for internal use. This familiarity will make it easier for staff to collaborate in the new Contact Centre which combines some of the world’s leading Unified Communications solutions.

The move means that Animal Friends will have improved access to real-time data and statistics with key information as to how the Contact Centre is performing, enabling them to better serve their customers. Call recording will also better enable compliance with industry standards.

James Clelford, Service Desk Manager at Animal Friends explains: “GCI has already taken us on the Cloud journey with the successful introduction of Microsoft 365 last year. This has greatly changed the way we work with greater collaboration across the business and staff able to work more flexibly. Extending this further to the Contact Centre is the next logical move and will enable us to serve our customers in a more consolidated way. Crucially, real-time performance data  will enable us to deliver longer-term improvements and demonstrate industry compliance.”

For further information about GCI’s Contact Centre services email enquiries@gcicom.net


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Enghouse Skype for Business Contact Centre

Skype for Business Contact Centre is a service delivered by GCI in conjunction with Enghouse Interactive, designed to improve and streamline the contact centre experience for staff and customers alike. 



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