GCI Launches Microsoft EMS as a Fully-Managed Service


28 September 2017

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the pressing cyber security concerns of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) have been highlighted frequently in the press over the past few months. With smart devices transforming the way we work in a mobile-first, Cloud-first world, managing identities and devices, protecting information and operating in an ever-changing ‘attack’ landscape presents considerable challenges to businesses.

Adding to these problems, it’s worrying to note that nearly half of all UK businesses suffered a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months and 44 per cent of companies expect that mobile workers will expose their organisation to the risk of a data breach. To put this in context, TFL recently reported that in just one year 33,000 mobile devices were lost on its services.

IT departments cannot afford to live in the past with these significant financial risks in play – a cyber-attack can do much more than just compromise corporate and customer data, it can destroy a company’s reputation and business in a heartbeat.

GCI has acted on this to offer organisations a service that manages these risks 24×7. GCI’s Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Managed Service, combines the technical expertise of GCI’s Microsoft-certified security experts with a suite of five Microsoft services designed to protect users, devices, applications and data on company supplied and privately-owned equipment.

GCI’s new managed service not only delivers a market leading solution in EMS, but a collaborative, bespoke partnership. GCI will draw on its 20 years experience in delivering security solutions and partner with businesses to define and deploy their requirements for identity, mobile device, mobile application and PC management. Its service will also include Cloud-based file tracking, classification and encryption, and will determine how day-to-day support will be managed with a simple per-user, per-month charging structure.

Scott Riley, Chief Strategy Officer at GCI commented, “This is a fantastic addition to GCI’s portfolio given the widespread security challenges many businesses face. GCI is a company whose mission revolves around enabling futures, and EMS is a solution that delivers exactly that. It will help our customers to achieve a secure and compliant way of working – empowering their teams to collaborate from any location and on any device, whilst ensuring that corporate data remains safe.”

Andrew Wild, Cloud Product Manager at GCI added “55% of high-performing, customer-oriented workforces already allow BYOD. Whilst this is a great marker for how far digital transformation has come, it makes the security aspect more pivotal than ever. In these new borderless environments there are a multitude of vendors, devices and risks for organisations to manage. One of EMS’ key strengths lies in its power to simplify the management of data, devices and identity, ensuring that corporate data remains secure – it’s a win for productivity and security.”

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