GCI acquires Fusion Media Networks


24 April 2016

Commenting on the acquisition, Adrian Thirkill CEO at GCI stated, “Fusion is a forward-looking organisation and a great fit for GCI. We have been keeping a quiet eye on its progress over the last couple of years – ever since it was nominated as the ‘emerging channel company of the year’ in 2014. This is a good day for GCI, for Fusion Media and most importantly for Fusion’s customers who as part of the GCI family will now benefit from our scale, our comprehensive Managed Services portfolio and our ongoing multi-million investment in innovative technologies and best-in-class monitoring and management systems.”

For Wayne Martin, GCI’s Founder and Chairman this too is a positive milestone, “As I look back on GCI’s journey, it’s nice to reflect on the many fine organisations that are now woven into our DNA. They build scale, add new and contemporary services, bring a formidable depth of technical experience and, piece-by-piece, they are transforming GCI into something really quite special. The old adage that technology waits for no man was never more evident – and the pace of that change is quickening. So our aim through rolling acquisition and continual up-skilling is to keep ahead of the drag curve in order to keep our customers ahead. It’s as simple as that.”

Adrian Thirkill continues, “Our acquisition activity is only one strand in our accelerated growth plan. In the last four months alone we have assembled one of the technology sector’s most seasoned and proven leadership teams with decades of learning and first hand experience of what ‘good’ looks like. There is now a palpable energy building across GCI and a common objective. So our growth will not just come from acquisitions, but from the joined-up effort of empowered staff, good management and clear direction. These are early days in the next stage of GCI’s journey, but I feel the company is tracking nicely as we continue our push through the MSP premiership. But, there is more to do and more to come – watch this space.”

The final word goes to Lee Norvall, CEO at Essex-based Fusion Media, “Building Fusion has been both my passion and total focus over the last few years. The fact that it is now part of the hugely respected GCI Group feels right. The leadership team at Fusion has been looking for a long time to find the right partner and that ‘safe and protective pair of hands’ in whom we could entrust the future of our staff and our customers. GCI’s grasp of the fast changing technology landscape and its studied, consultative approach is exactly right. So, in closing I would echo Adrian’s view… today is indeed a great day for GCI, for Fusion and for Fusion’s customers.”

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