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2 February 2018

Established in 1999, Codeless Platforms was one of the first software houses to author Business Process Automation (BPA) software specifically for SMEs. A leader in the delivery of rapid application development, Codeless Platforms boasts over 450 global partners and more than 7000 customers, operating in a variety of verticals.

As part of the newly-formed partnership, Codeless Platforms also became the first channel partner to adopt GCI’s SMART Messenger Platform. New for 2018, the service is a modular, web-based SMS and Messaging system offering SMS, MMS, Coupons, landing page tools and more. The advanced functionality of GCI’s SMART Messenger Platform forms a key part of any Marketing delivery strategy.

Scott Threlfall, Head of Mobile Services at GCI, said: “As we move into 2018 our Partner channel will become ever more important to our growth plans, and identifying key partners like Codeless Platforms is key to that growth being successful. Codeless Platforms is not only defined by its fantastic client base, it also has a fantastic team, exciting products and a definitive strategy that fits into the way we want to work with our partners.”

Matthew Lidster, Managing Director at Codeless Platforms, added: “SMS messaging has been intrinsic to the BPA Platform since 2002, and continues to be one of the key offerings to our customers. It is an extremely effective way for businesses to communicate and delivers information in real-time, which is essential for many of our customers. GCI’s SMS Services are now the preferred option to deliver this communication channel, and we are extremely happy to have signed this partnership agreement with GCI as it will provide both existing and new customers with access to a modern SMS platform that is competitively priced.”

SMS has established itself as an excellent communication platform for management alerts, new business generation and customer communications throughout its existence; however, employees can make errors which could threaten the relevance and timing of SMS communications. Thanks to GCI’s partnership with Codeless Platforms, you can dynamically monitor all your business software solutions, enabling you to automatically create and send SMS messages to employees, prospects, suppliers and existing customers at the exact moment the communication is required. The result is ultimately increased engagement rates and adding another stream of revenue into your organisation.

Email or call us to find out how integrating GCI’s SMS gateways and SMS messaging API with your business software guarantees the timing and relevance of your communications: enquiries@gcicom.net or 0844 443 4433.

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