GCI’s Full IT Support Services are based around the belief that choice is paramount, which is why we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. We understand that IT requirements are unique to every business, and that you may only need support for certain parts of your estate. 

Our tailored Tactical Managed Service offerings provide all-inclusive support for subsets of your IT function such as Server Patching, First Line Support, or isolated infrastructure components like Network, Security, or key business applications. We provide inclusive incident support and undertake proactive monitoring alongside recurring preventative maintenance tasks (Watchpoints) to ensure that we can identify issues for resolution before they have a chance to negatively impact your business.

With instant access to over 225 experienced technical staff and subject matter experts, Tactical Managed Services allow you to take advantage of the capability and economies of scale associated with using a Managed Service Provider, driving down costs and offering higher levels of service than can be achieved using an in-house team. Services provide access to break-fix and proactive system maintenance activities for the products covered under the scope of the agreement, backed by a guaranteed service level, 24/7. 


Fully Managed Services Product Sheet

From flexible, ad hoc support services through to tactical or fully-managed services, GCI provide options that cater for all requirements.

Just some of our Full IT Support clients

Animal Friends Pet Insurance
Antonov Airlines
Aunt Bessie's
crescent racing
Maritime Transport
National Museum of the Royal Navy
River Island
Somerset Care
Steele Raymond


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