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Coronavirus mitigation measures are set to place an unprecedented strain on even the most complete Business Continuity plan. Even businesses with robust remote working solutions may need to rapidly expand and/or upgrade their provisions to cater for the dramatic increase in demand, and the change in where people are accessing their core line of business applications from. For some customers, one of the biggest challenges will be connecting to the on-premise Voice infrastructure. 

We understand how critical it is to continue operations during a crisis and with Business Continuity solutions for both office telephony and Contact Centre, GCI can help both existing and new customers access their Voice Infrastructure within 48 hours. This includes the ability to take PCI DSS compliant credit card payments whilst working from home.  


We’re here to help and can offer a free consultation to those in need. We would be happy to provide you with no-obligation advice or support regarding scalable remote working, if you would like to take up this offer, please fill in the form below.


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Secure and compliant cloud-based solutions to support remote working and optimise your business communications

Just some of our Contact Centre clients

Chelmsford Council
One Sure Insurance
Prospect Union
Travel Councillors
Wren Kitchen


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