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Flexible Support Product Sheet (174.3 KB)
Flexible Support offering allows you to access our entire skill base under a guaranteed 24/7 service level.

Fully Managed Services Product Sheet (458.4 KB)
From flexible, ad hoc support services through to tactical or fully-managed services, GCI provide options that cater for all requirements.

Managed Security Services Product Sheet (515.8 KB)
Comprehensive security solutions are no longer a “nice to have” for businesses – they are a must.

Docs Delivered Product Sheet (299.8 KB)
GCI’s Docs Delivered is an innovative secure electronic document delivery platform.

Enghouse Skype for Business Contact Centre (266.2 KB)
Skype for Business Contact Centre is a service delivered by GCI in conjunction with Enghouse Interactive, designed to improve and streamline the contact centre experience for staff and customers alike. 

GCI Cloud Contact Centre Product Sheet (320.0 KB)
GCI’s Cloud Contact Centre (CCC) is a multi-tenant, carrier-grade Cloud contact centre solution, offering multi-channel interaction delivery to an agent’s universal queue.

GCI Contact Centre Product Sheet (1.0 MB)
GCI’s multimedia Contact Centre intelligently streamlines and centralises all contact types into a single, fully-integrated solution with a user-friendly interface. 

GCI Contact Product Sheet (315.9 KB)
GCI Contact is GCI’s converged Contact Centre solution providing inbound, outbound, omni-channel, PCI-DSS and ID&V integration.

GCI Homeworking Product Sheet (533.4 KB)
Secure and compliant cloud-based solutions to support remote working and optimise your business communications

GCI Homeworking infographics (2.5 MB)
Secure and compliant cloud-based solutions to support remote working and optimise your business communications

GCI SMART Routes Product Sheet (675.8 KB)
With over 250 countries catered for, using GCI for your SMS communications means your messages will arrive on time, every time.

GCI Talk Product Sheet (317.2 KB)
Talk is GCI’s Hosted VoIP solution, a carrier-grade Unified Communications (UC) proposition with a complete set of collaboration features, providing all the benefits of a traditional telephone system with additional features, such as call recording, video conferencing, screen sharing, mobile integration and multi-media analytics.

Microsoft Teams Co-existence Whitepaper (210.4 KB)
The co-existence story: why and how Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business can play together and how a phased deployment approach might be best.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Product Sheet (467.1 KB)
A high-performance, feature rich telephony solution designed to save you time and money

Microsoft Teams Product Sheet (242.7 KB)
Bringing together the people, content and message tools that your teams use every day, Teams acts as a hub for both structured and unstructured content, as well as effective communication from one platform.

Teams Modern Workplace Readiness Product sheet (227.2 KB)
In order to successfully deploy Microsoft Teams and ensure that your business objectives are achieved, it is essential to focus on user adoption and change management.

Skype for Business Product Sheet (464.3 KB)
Skype for Business is Microsoft’s complete Unified Communications solution that makes online communication more collaborative and engaging. 

Smart Messenger Product Sheet (864.8 KB)
With SMART Messenger you can effectively manage your entire mobile marketing strategy via a simple online portal.

The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel (2.6 MB)
“The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel” is one of the Inner Circle series of ContactBabel reports.

UCversity Product Sheet (527.1 KB)
UCversity from GCI is an e-learning portal that is designed to help end users discover the benefits and uses of Office 365 and Skype for Business products, ensuring that they are comfortable with the technology and gain significant benefits from using it.

Blade as a Service Whitepaper (309.4 KB)
GCI Blade as a Service is often more cost-effective as you can consolidate more onto a server than you would be able to with virtual or on-premise infrastructure.

Desktop as a Service Whitepaper (354.1 KB)
Desktop as a Service from GCI utilises industry-leading software from Citrix, offering both XenDesktop and XenApp solutions.

GCI Backup Product Sheet (391.3 KB)
GCI provide three disparate Backup options, offering simple and secure storage no matter the nature of your dataset

GCI Disaster Recovery Product Sheet (161.7 KB)
GCI provide two Disaster Recovery options for accommodating Business Continuity differentiated by Recovery Time Objective & Recovery Point Objectives

GCI Private Cloud Product Sheet (589.3 KB)
GCI’s Private Cloud delivers virtualised computing resources within secure, highly-available datacentres up to Tier 1 across the UK.

GCI Public Cloud Product Sheet (462.0 KB)
GCI Public Cloud is based on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Azure is cost-effective, flexible and scalability is not an issue.

Microsoft 365 Product Sheet (400.4 KB)
Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that empowers your employees to work collaboratively, securely and on the go.

Cyber Security Incident Response Product Sheet (192.1 KB)
Despite the layers of security you have in place, it’s almost inevitable that a cyber attack is going to break through your defences eventually.

Enterprise Mobility + Security Managed Service Product Sheet (491.2 KB)
Our Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Managed Service combines the technical expertise of GCI’s Microsoft certified security experts with a suite of five Microsoft services designed to protect users, devices, applications and data on both company-supplied and privately-owned equipment.

GDPR Product Sheet (274.0 KB)
With so much data held in the Cloud and moving through Enterprise, partner and customer networks, it is much harder for organisations to implement systems that will enable them to identify, protect and erase personally identifiable information on request.

Hackers Reconnaissance Product Sheet (223.5 KB)
The GCI security team has compiled a list of reconnaissance tasks using the latest security technologies, giving you an insight into your security posture on the Internet and Dark Web from the eyes of an attacker.

PCI Live Agent Product Sheet (250.1 KB)

PCI Live Agent from GCI is an agent-assisted telephone payments solution which allows card payments to be taken from customers over the phone without the agent seeing or hearing sensitive cardholder data.

Managed Security Service: Phishing Simulation Test (666.8 KB)

Cyber Security Incident Response Team Product Sheet (192.1 KB)

24/7 specialist support for swift security incident remediation.

Aruba Beacons Locations Product Sheet (298.5 KB)
When used in conjunction with the Meridian mobile app platform, they enable public-facing enterprises to infuse their mobile apps with innovative, location-based services.

Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager (374.7 KB)
Provides role and device-based network access control for employees, contractors and guests across any multivendor wired, wireless and VPN infrastructure.

Aruba Meridian Product Sheet (584.1 KB)
Customers can start with wayfinding, proximity-based notifications or digital asset tracking and add functionality as needed via simple subscription based licensing.

Aruba Tags Product Sheet (241.8 KB)
When used with the Aruba Meridian platform, Aruba Tags enable businesses to track valuable physical assets in their indoor and outdoor locations.

Infrastructure Projects Product Sheet (350.1 KB)
Based on the foundations of the PRINCE2 Project Management framework, GCI’s Infrastructure project services are packaged into four bundles.

Managed Wireless Product Sheet (507.5 KB)
GCI’s Managed Wireless LAN Service delivers Enterprise grade performance and reliability that transforms the ability to work and collaborate within your premises. 

Rapid Network Deployment Product Sheet (469.3 KB)
Ultra-fast Internet and MPLS WAN Access, deployed rapidly where and when you need it.

Rapid Network Deployment Whitepaper (316.0 KB)
High-quality, reliable internet bandwidth for business sites is a vital utility when you support user access to business-critical, Cloud-hosted applications. 

GCI Customer Guide - CISCO 1941 Installation Guide (311.4 KB)
Installation guide for the CISCO 1941 router.

GCI Customer Guide - CISCO 500 Series Handset (308.2 KB)
A basic user guide for the Cisco “500” series handset, the outlining the simplicity of the service.

GCI Customer Guide - CISCO 887 Installation Guide (338.6 KB)
Installation guide for the CISCO 887 router.

GCI Customer Guide - CISCO 891 Installation Guide (389.0 KB)
Installation guide for the CISCO 891 router.

GCI Customer Guide - Panasonic TGP500 Cordless (198.9 KB)
TGP500 Cordless Quick Reference Guide.

GCI Customer Guide - VoIP User Guide - Polycom VVX400/410 (330.7 KB)
Basic user guide and common features of the Polycom VVX400/410 digital handset.

DPA Processing Responsibilities (134.2 KB)
DPA Processing Responsibilities

GCI Brochure (3.2 MB)
GCI believe that in today’s digital age, “work” should not be dependent on your location.  Named Microsoft’s “UK Growth Partner of the Year 2018”, GCI have unparalleled expertise in Unified Communications. Having deployed hundreds of thousands of Skype for Business seats in an array of sectors has elevated us to the top tier of UK Service Providers capable of delivering UC solutions at scale.

GCI Construction Sector CV (410.6 KB)
The construction industry is changing and being shaped as a result of new technologies. Long gone are the days when all construction workers had to rely on were a set of blueprints and an assortment of handheld tools to transform their truckloads of raw materials into a structure capable of holding 21st Century citizens.

GCI Education Sector CV (387.6 KB)
Universities face challenges with funding, students who have a choice to go abroad, keeping up with a connected world, managing legacy systems, and supporting a diverse set of students who are more mobile than ever and expect high performance, always-on internet connectivity.

GCI Finance Sector CV (544.7 KB)
The use of technology is revolutionising the workflow and processes of the Financial Services industry.

GCI Healthcare Sector CV (536.8 KB)
The challenge is to engage and stay engaged with the customer, and a cultural change needs to take place enabling technology to play a larger part in the treatment journey.

GCI Housing Sector CV (292.5 KB)
In an age dominated by digital, tenants continue to become more discerning customers; demanding increasingly sophisticated and personalised communication channels to engage with their providers.

GCI Legal Sector CV (370.5 KB)
GCI have a wealth of expertise in assisting the companies in the Legal industry to meet – and exceed – their IT needs and expectations.

GCI Leisure and Entertainment Sector CV (428.8 KB)
Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy and have ever-increasing expectations. Across the Leisure and Entertainment sector there are increasing signs that customers want more innovative, immersive and interactive experiences which provide value for money.

GCI Manufacturing Sector CV (627.3 KB)
Manufacturing is no longer limited to outdated industrial assembly lines; companies are now embracing services and solutions that enhance productivity, drive down costs, and improve efficiency and performance.

GCI Not-For-Profit Sector CV (369.9 KB)
As a Not-for-Profit organisation you’re committed to changing the world, but your challenge lies in making an even greater impact whilst the resources to do so become increasingly scarce.

GCI Public Sector CV (403.1 KB)
We’ve worked with a wide variety of Public Sector organisations, including the Parliamentary Digital Service, on an ambitious transformation journey that is enabling over 8000 staff at Westminster and Constituencies offices to be more productive, mobile and innovative.

GCI Retail Sector CV (250.5 KB)
With technology advancing at lightning speed and the explosion of e-commerce and social media, the Retail sector has had to quickly adapt to meet the expectations of their customers. 

GCI Services Sector CV (324.9 KB)
In 1948, 46% of the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) came from the Services sector. Today, that figure stands at 79%. As the competition for market share and consumption of services grow stronger and stronger, customers are continuously looking to engage with providers at a time and location, and on a platform that suits them.

Quick Guide to Number Porting (227.7 KB)
Quick Guide to Number Porting